Friday, 1 March 2013


I was wondering what I could write about relationships and I saw this memo from the CEO at Groupon where he encouraged the other members of the team to keep working.  I am amazed at the thoughtfulness behind his words as it says a lot abut his maturity and his qualities as a leader. I would love for someone to tell this guy about all the amazing skills and competencies which he has. More importantly I wonder how the company is planning to fix all of those gaps in the processes which led to his dismissal.
Sometimes in companies, it is not about firing others or what they say as they leave. I agree that there are times when people need to part ways and its seems unfair that after  persons have  contributed their skills and experience without additional intense training to improve themselves, they are asked to leave.  I know that in a start up persons watch costs and there are lots of demands on time and skills and it is difficult to move away to learn stuff especially on company time. However that is one of the challenging things that we need to do.
Some other things that we need to do include:

  • Have adequate savings. If you have none, start. Take some of the funds which you have been paying down elsewhere and save it. There are places where the credit card is not accepted.
  • Try to develop hobbies. They make a difference in your mental health.
  • Understand your strengths! They are what will take you through the tough times

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