Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Concerned about the Cypriots and others

Last night on television, there was a short clip on young and mature Cypriots, some were having a peaceful walk, (read demonstration) letting persons know about their concerns with regard to education, jobs and their economy. The news reporter spoke about the the possible loss to the country of a generation should these  young persons have to leave the country  to fnd jobs elsewhere; the  interactions of the country with the European Union (EU) and the likely actions which would take place over the next few days as well as possibly medium term, such as the banks would re - open, there would be a reduction in savings, some businesses may close.

While this may seem to be a repeat of what happened in Greece a few months earlier and  this may be a common sight over the next few years as economies struggle with changes, the struggle to change things may always seem overwhelming in that how do you tell persons who have access to the internet where downloads can  happen instantaneously, that one of the lessons in life that you may need to learn is that you may need to look at diversifying and become partially self sustaining, no matter what you do. One way to diversify is to  grow vegetables and other types of short term crops using whatever means available, whether it is earth or water ( (hydrophonics).  (Yes, you may say, the soil is barren and scarce, the water is salty, and we know nothing about recycling or coping with change.)
The importance of this  diversifying lies  in "tomatoes make a sauce for pasta in Italy' and "choka" which goes with rice or bread or  dumplings in Trinidad.  Eggplant can be cooked in many ways also. Moral of the story, think creatively outside the box, life does not always come prepackaged, you  may always have to learn to make things wherever you are, whether it is through cooking or woodworking. This may be what may be comforting and self sustaining in life. Yes, some persons may not attend University, and some may not graduate from Univeristy, however there will always be a point at which you can attend university and graduate and in the concept of Joyce Meyer "it may happen someday". For some attending university will happen now, whether it is through part time or full time study, because that is their greatest need and  for some, their greatest need  may be their need to adapt.

To conclude, in one part of the clip, the reporter showed  persons supporting the local food places which support the economy, which in turn created some sense of continuity, stability and hope for the future.  I have hope that  we will share ways to survive, yes economically we may focus a fair amount on the economy of our country and just as after the World War II, there was the United Nations to help nations rebuild, there will be the continuation of organisations which will help nations rebuild in whatever form necessary.

You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement.
You are here to enrich the world.

~ Woodrow Wilson

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