Thursday, 26 September 2013

Microsoft Surface

Surface┬áRTI would look longingly at IPads. Having just bought a laptop  as I figured that a laptop would suit my needs more than an IPad, as the time spent at meetings was  less than the my needs which ranged from attending  meetings, notes at meetings ( to keep track of what went on, so that I could compare that info to the minutes which would be circulated,) preparing notes for studying than the impact and use of an IPad at a meeting. Now I can revisit my choices, see the comparison via the link below.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The Joys of Discovery I - Harvard Manage Mentor

Many times when I become too engrossed in the "to do's" and I start losing sight of the intellectual stuff, ( call it the big picture)  in life, I get a silent nudge to start browsing. Realising that I was not leaving work early, not for an reason, missing appointments because I got caught up in just one more, today I left early, went browsing after an appointment that finished early and took some time just wandering around before reaching home. Tried reading but this time my brain  is churning and churning and I am unable to enjoy the power of words, the joy of discovery. So much so that I am sharing the link on Facebook, hoping to come back and read the article or hoping that it would benefit someone. Then I suddenly discovered  that Harvard Business Review has a Harvard Manage Mentor. For different prices, you can access skills packs which allow you to sharpen your skills.  "BUILD, BROADEN, AND REFRESH YOUR SKILLS FOR SUCCESS"

Making a presentation, creating a budget, negotiating a contract, Harvard ManageMentor® includes 44 modules that address these critical management issues and more.." Best of all, you can select the price which suits your pocket. Here is the link to the site: There are:


  • Budgeting
  • Business Case Development
  • Finance Essentials


  • Negotiating
  • Persuading Others
  • Presentation Skills
  • Writing Skills


  • Delegating
  • Meeting Management
  • Project Management
  • Time Management


  • Budgeting
  • Finance Essentials
  • Marketing Essentials
  • Negotiating


  • Delegating
  • Goal Setting
  • New Manager Transitions
  • Managing Upward

 Suddenly I am back on track with hope, energy and enthusiam to learn and guess what I am sharing the link.