Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Our Sympathy

There are many ways to express sympathy, just as there are many ways to have an opinion on the state of the economy and how things should be fixed. If you visit a foreign country and you strike up a conversation with the taxi driver you will hear about the leader who got the country into debt, and how things have changed as a result. Sometimes you hear the anger in their voices and you wonder about the choices which were made and the impact which those choices actually had on the individuals. So here is my two cents on the death of Hugo Chavez.
Having worked for many years  in a building which was located to the back of the Venezuelan embassy prior to and subsequent to the rise in power of Mr. Chavez  and seen many Venezuelans who acted with dignity day in, day out, as well as  the newspaper articles which highlighted the  cultural aspects of Venezuela which were shared generously with us as a people, I say "my sympathy goes out to you! There are many of you who shared a much bigger picture of your country and the impact of Mr. Chavez on it, by your grace and actions! In other words you were still the same graceful, caring, polite persons. I never wondered how you felt working amongst us and for that I am sorry. Forgive me for being naive to the conditions which so many persons feel compelled to speak about, I always wondered about the depth of their anger and the source."
In times of death, there are many uncertainties and there will always be persons who will be vocal in their opinions. I pray for you and your countrymen and women in your  time of grief, there are many of us who grieve with you. I pray that a spirit of calm will enter those who are angry and who are left with unresolved matters. There will  be a need for be a lot of work  to be done to get those persons to a state of betterment, emotionally and physically. For those who grieve, my heart is with you, it is rare that someone can stir so many emotions in the Americans and for that  loss I grieve as well.

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