Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Growth in the time of Multi Media

Growth or growing can be observed or fostered through different media. For example in following the election of the Pope, there are many things which we are learning which we previously did not have access to. For example there is the "Adopt a Cardinal where you are randomly assigned a cardinal based on your registering to pray for a Cardinal who may or may not be elected as the next Pope.  Information on the Cardinal is being provided. For those of us who do not necesarily have Cardinals within our geographical reach, and for whom our "highest" form of contact is the Archbishop, this is an eye opener as we would not necesaarily Google "Cardinals in the vicinity" with this not being a very popular topic may yield results of ' narrow the definition please, or a link to wiki.
Photo: Preparing the Sistine Chapel for the conclave. There are images of the Sistine  Chapel where the conclave is being held, suddenly being available online. If  you ignore the seriousness behind the election of the Pope, the beauty of the Chapel is something which is not readily available for viewing or viewed or which persons would have learnt about unless their line of study included this information. Many persons would not go to Rome to view the chapel or understand that this was visual representation of Catholicism, or early advertising of Catholicism in an age far removed. There are also images of the urns which are being made ready for the votes to be placed in. Also persons and entities are sharing images of the sacred, which is inspiring and thought provoking, especially in this time of Lent.

Photo: Mary's Miraculous Medal, Sanctuary Church in Buenos Aires-Argentina.
Mother, pray for us.

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