Saturday, 2 March 2013

Managing your food choices

Coming out of the economics of managing your money, comes managing your food choices. I have been making an effort to change my eating habits.
Choice #1 Fruit
Realising that fruit spoils quickly and it is not something that can be purchased for the week at a time unless you develop planning skills, I decided to use  understanding and knowledge to incorporate several types of fruit in my diet. Thus, bananas are easy to consume,  they last a few days and does not require refrigeration. Check. Other types of fruit such as papaya or pau pau, will take some planning between purchase and eating. Then there are the seasonal fruits which you try to get for free, which you sometimes end up buying, these also require some planning between buying and eating as there is time for ripening. I have also been consuming the individually wrapped cartons of fruit cocktail.. Very expensive, I know, but at that serving size, I do not worry about the calories and it is wonderfully cool when the day is hot or everyone else around is suffering from a sore throat and the flu seems to be heading our way....
Choice #2 Vegetables
Another easy choice is frozen vegetables, semi steamed, flavored with chili pepper, parsley, herbs de provence and a drizzle of oil in a deep dish which has been covered with foil. The steam created by the depth of the dish and the covering of the dish with foil, seems to cook the vegetables faster, while the seasonings add flavor effortlessly.  Actually an old school friend told me about the brocoli with chili peper and the drizzle of oil. Of course she is rail thin.......
Choice #3 Soups
 I realised one evening, when I was feeling fluish, that the soup in the cup, where you add  hot water can be quite good.  After not following the instructions and cooking the noodles in water thoroughly, I added ginger and garlic and discovered I had  "home made chinese soup" for a fraction of the price. The next day my throat was fine and I was happy that I could "re make something".  I will confess that my other  'start from scratch soups" have been  eaten on day 1 under the threat that they will be the main meal of the next day.

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