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International Relations and Relationships

International Relations and Relationships

Trinidad and Tobago

To the people of Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela has been a neighbour and both countries have had a longstanding diplomatic relationship whereby an embassy was established as far back as 1987 if not earlier. Located on Victoria Avenue in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, the modest building has served as a home office to the visitors to the country of Trinidad and Tobago, where information on the country of Venezuela was sought by many a student and school teacher who needed to boost their knowledge of the culture and the language of Spain and Venezuela.

United States of America

According to Business Insider's edition of July 2015, Venezuela was seeking to re establish diplomatic ties with the United States of America,"Maduro made the first move in March (2015) – around three months after Washington and Havana announced on 17 Dec they were seeking to restore diplomatic ties – by requesting a "direct channel of communication" with U.S. President Barack Obama and the State Department, said the official.[264]

Organisation of American States

By virtue of its geographical location, Venezuela became one of the members of the Organisation of American States (OAS) on "April 30, 1948" when they signed the "CHARTER OF THE ORGANIZATION OF AMERICAN STATES (A-41)".[265] On 21 December 1951, the treaty was ratified by Venezuela "IN ACCORDANCE WITH ARTICLE 145 OF THE CHARTER".[266]
In looking at the treaty, one would note that there are three (3) parts with twenty two chapters in total to the Treaty of the OAS.[267] According to the OAS website. "Chapter XXI RATIFICATION AND ENTRY INTO FORCE, Article 141" the OAS Treaty or Charter "shall be registered with the Secretariat of the United Nations through the General Secretariat"[267]
In accordance with "Chapter XIII THE INTER-AMERICAN COUNCIL FOR INTEGRAL DEVELOPMENT- Article 94 – The purpose of the Inter-American Council for Integral Development is to promote cooperation among the American States for the purpose of achieving integral development and, in particular, helping to eliminate extreme poverty, in accordance with the standards of the Charter, especially those set forth in Chapter VII with respect to the economic, social, educational, cultural, scientific, and technological fields." [268] To a large extent over the years, the people of Trinidad and Tobago have benefited from the generosity of the Venezuelans, whether it was due to their innate ability to give and share or whether it was provided by the articles of the Treaty as a means to share and for that they are grateful.

Summits of the Americas

"The Summits of the Americas are institutionalized gatherings of the heads of state and government of the Western Hemisphere where leaders discuss common policy issues, affirm shared values and commit to concerted actions at the national and regional level to address continuing and new challenges faced in the Americas.[269] To date there have been seven Summits of the Americas. There have also been at least two Special Meetings which were held between 1996 and 2004.
"At the Third Summit," which was held in Quebec, Canada in 2001 "leaders instructed their foreign ministers to prepare an Inter-American Democratic Charter which was adopted on September 11, 2001 in Lima".[269]
The Fifth Summit of the Americas was held in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago in 2009 was attended by Hugo Chavez on behalf of Venezuela. Also in attendance were Prime Minister Patrick Manning of Trinidad and Tobago and President Barack Obama of the United States of America.
The Seventh Summit of the Americas was held in Panama City, Panama on 10–11 April 2015.[270]
Peru will host the Eighth Summit of the Americas in 2018.[270]

Other International Organisations to which Venezuela belongs

"In the democratic era, Venezuela has attempted to fulfill the principles of Simon Bolivar's ideals through a variety of means. It maintained active membership in the United Nations (UN) and its related agencies, OPEC, the Organization of American States (OAS) and its related entities, and a host of other world and hemispheric organizations. In all these forums, Venezuela consistently aligned itself with other democracies" Venezuela and the United States belong to a number of the same international organizations, including the related agencies of the UN such as the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and World Trade Organization.[271]

Betancourt Doctrine

"The Betancourt Doctrine", named after one of the first presidents of Venezuela's democratic era, RĂ³mulo Betancourt "whereby Venezuela refused to maintain diplomatic relations with governments formed as a result of military coups, was adhered to by both administrations ( first two presidents of Venezuela's democratic era).Although the doctrine was much praised, it gradually isolated Venezuela as most other Latin American nations became dominated by nonelected regimes." [272]

Diego Martin, Trinidad and Tobago

Here are some of the topics on Diego Martin, Trinidad and Tobago for which I responsible for entering into Wikipedia. While some of the information in the article was obtained from search engines, that is research, with writing and editing to fit a list of topics which I thought would be of interest to a reader, some of the information was provided from personal knowledge with the sites and links to articles provided to support the knowledge which was written in Wikipedia. 

Places of Interest in Diego Martin

St. Dominic's Pastoral Centre

The home of the Order of Preachers in Trinidad and Tobago is located in Diego Martin at the St. Dominic's Pastoral Centre.
Approximately eight hundred and seven (807) years ago (prior to 2016), a second group of Dominican Preachers settled in Trinidad and Tobago and established a House or Centre. Over the years priests from the original centre or community in Ireland have visited and ministered in Trinidad and Tobago, joining with locals who have been ordained into the priesthood.
There are several Roman Catholic Churches which are located in Diego Martin, some of which are: St. Finbar's, St. Anthony's, Crystal Stream, (St. Augustine) are all administered/managed by priests of the Order of the Preachers.
St. John, the Evangelist which is located in Diego Martin and is accessed from the Diego Martin Main Road is administered separately to the other churches.
Over the years the site of the Order of Preachers in Diego Martin, Trinidad and Tobago has been developed/redeveloped to house the following: ~ Adoration Chapel
~ Church - St. Finbar's R.C.
~ Auditorium and a school is located above the auditorium. The school is said to have 'state of the art audio visual facilities.[5] Some of the activities which have been held at the auditorium are as follows:
- Catholic Religious Education Development Institute's (CREDI')s first graduation ceremony in September 12, 2011. The graduands consisted of students in the Post graduate programme "Masters in Educational Leadership course with UD" (University of Dayton Ohio) and "five of the seven persons who completed the 2010 Social Justice online course with the UD, in partnership with CREDI – The Catholic Institute, and CCSJ"...[6]
- The launch by CREDI of its East Port of Spain Project on April 11, 2015 at its 2015 CREDI-table conversations on Equity in Education in Trinidad and Tobago. [7]
- Wedding Receptions
- Plays and other events
- Meetings for various purposes such as to accommodate "break out" sessions at conferences
~ Parish Office
~ Soup Kitchen
~ Book Store and Aquinas Altar Wines - Aquinas Altar Wines sells unconsecrated host and wine which is transformed into the "Body and Blood of Jesus Christ" during the Holy Mass.
~ Presbytery
In close proximity to the St. Dominic's Pastoral Centre is the Finbar Ryan Geriatric Home. This Home for the aged is managed by the Society of St.Vincent de Paul of Trinidad and Tobago.[5]


According to "BURIAL GROUNDS, CEMETERIES & CREMATION SITES (TRINIDAD) Arranged by Ward/District" there are two cemeteries which are located in Diego Martin. The names of the cemeteries are as follows:
~ Diego Martin Catholic Cemetery, Cemetery Street. This cemetery is also referred to as "St.John's the Evangelist Catholic Cemetery" and is located on Cemetery Street, Diego Martin.[8]
~ St. Michael's Anglican Churchyard Cemetery


The Diamond Vale Industrial Park, currently under management by E-Teckparks has spaces for approximately 30 tenants.[9] This industrial park is one of the older parks having been established as far back as the 1980's, with one of its reasons being to take advantage of tax incentives which allowed the companies to operate in certain zones under The In Aid of Industry Act.
There is at least one Mall which is located in Diego Martin, Starlite Plaza.[10] This mall was established as far back as the 1980's and was one of the earliest ones to have branches of at least three banks, Republic Bank Limited, Scotia and RBTT, as well as a supermarket, a gym, pharmacy and other stores. The location of the mall made it an easy drop in place on the way home for the pick up of groceries or to deal with one's personal affairs.

Persons of Interest in Diego Martin


In 2013, Rev. Matthew Martinez O.P. was ordained a deacon in Ireland.[11] In July or August 2014, Rev. Matthew Martinez O.P. was ordained a priest at St. Finbar's R.C. Church on the "feast of Blessed Jane of Aza, mother of St Dominic, founder of the Dominican Order".[12] "Fr Joseph Harris CSSp, Archbishop of Port-of-Spain, was the ordaining bishop. He was assisted by Robert Rivas OP, Archbishop of St Lucia and a former member of the Irish Dominicans, as well as Bishop Jason Gordon of Barbados, and Bishop Malcolm Gault, bishop emeritus of Barbados".[12]

Sport Achievers

Ms. Fana Ashby who was born in Petit Valley has represented Trinidad and Tobago at the 2000 and 2004 Summer Olympics in the one hundred (100) metres and the four x one hundred metres (4x100m) relay.[13]
Ms. Enid Browne was born in Diego Martin, attended Providence Girls in Belmont and in 1963 represented Trinidad in England at the Workd Championships. "Her stellar performances on the courts led her to be named T&T captain ahead of the second World Championships in 1967 in Australia. Her exploits Down Under were heralded by the Australian Press, when T&T finished fourth in the eight-team tournament".[14]
Mr. Chris Braithwaite was born in Maraval, Diego Martin in 1948, represented Trinidad and Tobago at international meets. His first appearance was "at the 1970 Central American and Caribbean Games. He later competed at that event in 1982. His other major competitions were the 1975 and 1984 Pan-American Games, the inaugural 1983 World Athletics Championships, and the 1978 and 1982 Commonwealth Games. Brathwaite attended several schools in the United States, starting at Eastern New Mexico in 1972, moving to Spokane Community College in 1973, and then do most of his studies at the University of Oregon (1974-77), from which he graduated with bachelor's and masters' degrees in sociology." [15] Mr. Braithwaite died in 1984.
Here is the link to the article in Wikipedia if you are interested in reading more about Diego Martin:

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Chaguaramas, Trinidad and Tobago

Here is an extract from a post of Wikipedia on Chaguaramas, Trinidad and Tobago. First there is the summary which is created in Wikipedia through the use of techniques which are peculiar to the software and then there are the details on the topics.

3Activity & Places of Interest

Most of the roadway in Chaguaramas lies close to the coast line and one can view the sea from the winding road. According to Google Maps, Chaguaramas is about fourteen kilometres (14 km) from Port of Spain.[1]

Activity & Places of Interest

Dry Forests

The Chaguaramas Peninsula supports one of the few remaining areas of dry forest in western Trinidad.

Cycling and Kayaking

On weekends groups of persons enter Chaguaramas to cycle on or kayak [4] in rented equipment. During the week, the roadway is used as a training ground for persons who cycle [5] in groups either for sport or as a part of a training session for a Tri-athlon.

The Chaguaramas Boardwalk Area

The Chaguaramas Boardwalk was developed by the Chaguaramas Development Authority (CDA)[6] as part of its tourism developmental thrust. The Boardwalk stretches for approximately 1300 feet [7] along the shore of one of the Bays. The Boardwalk can be used as an exercise route for pedestrians or for young families who stroll or as a stepping stone to get to the water to swim for leisure or as part of a training regimen.
Available in close proximity to the Boardwalk are Gazebos and Pedal Boats which are available for rent. There is also the Dancing Water Fountain, the Trees Vendor Plaza and Miniature Off Road Activities according to the CDA's website.[8]

Chaguaramas Golf Course

The Chaguaramas Golf Course is "a 9-hole course" and the only "public" golf course in the twin-island Republic. The Golf Course at Chaguaramas has been in existence for some forty plus (40+) years and is one of the older, if not the oldest golf course in the island.[9]

Pier 1

Pier 1 was designed to host functions for large numbers of persons. The venue was designed to host events in small areas within a larger setting, thus it can serve a large number of persons with different tastes through the use of the smaller areas as niche spots.[10]


Chaguaramas has been the center of yachting activity in Trinidad. There are several marinas [11] within the Chaguaramas area which provide repair services or on-land boarding services for yachts. There is also the option to refuel and stock supplies or just moor the yacht at a pier or in a sheltered bay facility and visit the island.

Heritage Parks, Macqueripe & The Magnificent Edith Falls

According to the CDA, the Gasparee Cave on Gasparee Island,[12] along with the Salt Pond on Chacachacare and the Bellerand Heritage Park fall within the boundaries of Chaguaramas.[13] Although Gasparee has been developed with housing facilities, to a large extent efforts have been made to preserve the birds on the island, through the "upkeep" of the large trees which provide shelter at great heights for them.
"Conveniently located just off the Macqueripe Road, Bellerand Heritage Park is surrounded by various areas offering recreational activities such as golfing, swimming and is a 'stone's throw' away from the Magnificent Edith Falls".[14] Another heritage park which is located within the Macqueripe area in Chaguaramas is Samaan Park.
At Macqueripe, one is allowed to swim in the sea as the area is located in an inlet. However great care should be exercised in entering and exiting the water as due to dredging of the sea bed many years ago, there is a sharp descent of several feet close to the shore. The drop/ or descent can make the area perilous for newly trained swimmers and the extremely short person entering or exiting the water.

Beach Clean Ups

Chaguaramas has been involved in many beach clean up exercises via the " International Coastal CleanUp"[15] and the Trinidad Chapter [16]

Tucker Valley

Tucker Valley is known for several points of interest such as: The Bamboo Cathedral [17] The UPick Farm, The World War Bunker and The Nutmeg Grove [18] among other things.
The Bamboo Cathedral is well known by photographers who capture images of many newly engaged couples strolling in the area. The wide lane of the roadway with the bamboos intertwining overhead creates an image of seclusion and sets the tone for newly engaged wonder!
The UPick Farm "sells a wide range of fruits and vegetables (grown off-site) both local and imported".[19] Also available at the UPick Farm are guided tours and field trips for primary and secondary school children.
Here is the link to the website with the article on Chaguaramas, Trinidad and Tobago :,_Trinidad

Paramin - Trinidad and Tobago

Here are some of the extracts from an article on Wikipedia on Paramin. Having visited Paramin at least twice, in my adult life, I wanted to share my knowledge of the place and the people and the little that I could share on the area..


Names of Places within Paramin
Within Paramin are lovely French names of places and hills such as La Finette Road [5] Saut D'Eau, Morne Espoire, Morne Roche, Beau Pres, Morne Rene [6]

Catholicism in the Area

The area is predominantly Roman Catholic with many of the residents being practicing Catholics either because of tradition or habit. Within the village of Paramin are a Roman Catholic primary school and a Catholic Church (Our Lady of Guadalupe) that serve the area. The churches within Paramin and Maraval are linked in their record keeping of the Sacraments.


French Creole or Patois mass on Dimanche Gras

(The following line was written by another contributor: The Church still offers a well-known French Creole or Patois mass on Dimanche Gras, the Sunday before Carnival [8] ). Persons from areas outside of Maraval and Paramin, including foreign dignitaries of French origin and French Creole origin such as Louisiana attend the Mass either to experience the culture of the area or to participate in an activity which falls outside of the Carnival setting.
Most of the Mass is said in Creole or Patois. There is a choir which leads the singing of the hymns at the Mass.
Members of the choir and the congregation at the Mass are dressed in colorful plaids, in the style of La Reine Rive, which is a white cotton top and skirt, with an overskirt in plaid, which drapes to the sides of the front of the skirt and leaves the front of the white skirt visible. A head "tie" also in a matching plaid completes the outfit.
In recent times, given the timing of the Patois Mass in the morning lunch and other snacks are available for sale after the Mass. This activity allows the attendants at the Mass to share in the spirit of the Community and enjoy a brief respite before returning to life outside of the community.
In recent times, the Patois mass has been videotaped. Access to the 2016's Patois Mass is available on YouTube.

Caliente Monday Early December

Caliente Monday refers to a Monday evening celebration in Paramin of Parang and food.[9] This event has been held for thirty plus years. The event used to be open to the public or those brave enough to go up to Paramin by jeep earlier in an evening when the sun sets earlier in the day and the air gets cold earlier in the evening, just to hear the Parang Bands from across the country sing either their compositions or renditions of popular songs. At the event, residents of Paramin offer for sale provision and pork or various types of pastelles.
Over the last few years, the event has been held at the Country Club on Long Circular Road in Maraval.


Over the last fifteen to twenty years, persons have hiked to the top of Saut D'Eau (Hill and Waterfall) to experience the ruggedness of the mountain trek.[10]
There are also tours or hikes to the Cave in Paramin. According to Sokah2Soca "it should also be noted that the area is also famous for its bat caves with eye catching limestone formations. It is reported that these caves are some of the most easily accessible caves in the island".[11]

Formation of a Group on Facebook

A group of Paramin residents, both current and past have established a group on Facebook named D'Life of Paramin. To date, the purpose has been to keep persons up dated on the activities of the school children in the Parish of Maraval such as field trips to Paramin, updates on residents, funeral services, the sites and scenes such as the near to harvest views of sorrel plants.
Here is a link to the article in Wikipedia if you are interested in contributing to the knowledge of the area (Paramin Trinidad and Tobago) or to the site:

Port of Spain - Museums Trinidad and Tobago

Here is yet another extract from the article in Wikipedia on Port of Spain - Museums, Trinidad and Tobago which is located under 8 - Culture


The National Museum and Art Gallery of Trinidad and Tobago is the country’s most important museum. It displays depictions of national festivals, Carnival, life during the World War II and artifacts from the country’s earliest settlers, the Amerindians. There are also displays by leading local and international artists, with exhibitions being mounted at various times during the year. The museum was established in 1892 and was originally called the Royal Victoria Institute, as it was built as part of the preparation for Queen Victoria’s jubilee. The National Museum is located in close proximity to Memorial Park, NAPA. A little further away from the National Museum are Living Water Community on Frederick Street,[69] the General Hospital, including the Maternity block, Holy Name Convent School and Chapel, Jerningham Avenue which accesses Belmont and the Queen's Park Savannah, all of which are laid out in a semi circular order.
The National Museum has two smaller branch museums:
Fort San Andres which is located on South Quay,[70] opposite City Gate. According to Geoffrey MacLean, in the Trinidad Express Newspaper in December 2014, "the fort, which replaced a mound of mud and wood that served as the only defence of Port of Spain, was, when completed in 1787, located offshore and linked to the mainland by a wooden bridge." [71]
The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service Museum which is located at the Old Police Headquarters on St. Vincent Street.[72] This Museum is in close proximity to the Old Cabildo Building, called the Law Museum as of August 2012 by the Guardian TT when it was reopened,[73] the Ministry of Legal Affairs, and the Colonial Life Insurance Co Ltd building, known as CLICO, and opposite to CLICO is the RED HOUSE.
If you are interested in reading more on the topic, perhaps you can visit the site and access the related links which are listed at the bottom of the page

Port of Spain - Green Spaces - Squares & Parks - Trinidad & Tobago

This is one of the first pieces which I wrote in Wikipedia, following my entry on Laventille, Trinidad and Tobago. The information was inspired by my wanting to remember the pieces of Port of Spain which I knew and which helped to  shape my character during my school years:

Green Spaces - Squares & Places

There are a number of well placed green spaces which have been preserved in Port of Spain. Many of them are referred to as squares or parks. Although some of the Squares have retained some of their "original framework" which consists of lengths of metal placed in concrete, which surround the exterior of the space, there are at least four gates positioned in each Square. These gates are positioned on the corners so as to allow the main paths to form an X. Some of the Squares have not retained nor do they give the appearance of having the lengths of metal placed on its exterior points as lines of demarcation. By virtue of the gates to the Squares not being closed at any time and the lack of metal enclosures on others, there is the impression that these Squares and places are also open to the public at all hours. In some of the Squares, there are street lights to illuminate the interior of the square at nighttime.
Some of the more famous squares are as follows:
Lord Harris Square which is located between Pembroke, New and Abercromby Sts. was "established in the early 1900s, (and) is named as a tribute to Lord Harris, governor of Trinidad between 1846 and 1854".[49]
Woodford Square is located between Frederick, Abercromby and Hart Sts. It s bounded by the Old National Library, The Red House and the Trinity Cathedral. Woodford Square is sometimes referred to as "University of Woodford Sq because of its occasional use by soapbox speakers and gospel preachers, this is the symbolic center of downtown. Dr Eric Williams, Trinidad and Tobago’s first prime minister, lectured to the masses here about the importance of sovereignty, which later led to the country’s independence from Britain". [50]
"Woodford Square was formerly known as Brunswick Square.".[51] However prior to 1808, "Woodford Square was first known as the Place of Souls by the native Indians who fought a bloody battle on this open space. ..... With the coming of the French settlers to the island, they called the Place of souls – Place Des Ames. Place Des Ames means Place of souls. Place Des Ames later became known as Brunswick Square. Brunswick Square was used as a parade ground for soldiers. Many of these soldiers were Germans. Brunswick is a German name, and so it is believed that this open space was named after the German soldiers who used it." [52]
Marine Square, while not a designated green space serves as a meeting place for many visitors coming into Port of Spain. "Plaza De La Marina was the name given to the area extending from the Wharf in the west to the Roman Catholic Cathedral to the east." [53] "When the British came in 1797 the name was changed to Marine Square.... In the 1880s a fountain was erected in the middle of the square."[53] "1962: Marine Square becomes Independence Square." [54] In the 1980s "this area was the site of the statue of Captain Arthur Andrew Cipriani (1875-1945), one of Trinidad and Tobago's celebrated political leaders and sportsmen......The area was then renamed the Brian Lara Promenade in honor of Trinidad and Tobago's most celebrated cricketer and record breaking batsman, Brian Charles Lara (1974-).The Promenade was completed in three phases and finally opened in August 1995".[53]
A little more of the history on Marine Square is revealed in the following extract "the square was the early home of the Syrian/ Lebanese communities when they started to arrive in Trinidad during the early 20th century. They were fleeing from the harsh religious and political persecution of the Turks who had conquered their lands. The original number of these immigrants was small but it grew larger when a confrontation erupted between a Muslim religious sect and the Christian Maronites.
Annette Rahael, a third generation Syrian living in Trinidad explained, "when the early settlers arrived and saw the cathedral on Marine Square they immediately claimed it as the House of God and adopted Catholicism as their religious affiliation, since there were no churches in Trinidad celebrating the liturgy of the Antiochan Orthodox religion which they had practised in their country".[55]
Tamarind Square - This square is located between Nelson and George Sts.[56] It is located in close proximity to one of the local banks which was established in Trinidad and Tobago, "Workers Bank". This bank merged with the Trinidad Cooperative Bank and the National Commercial Bank to form First Citizens' Bank.[57]
Victoria Square is located on Duke St. West, Park St, and has been categorised as a Park located in Woodbrook [58] according to WOW City. However, because of its location on Duke St. West which starts on Wrightson Road and ends on Charlotte St, it is included here.
Kew Place is one of the smallest "squares" in Port of Spain. "Kew Place has a length of 0.12 kilometres" [59] and is large enough to hold a statue of Gandhi. It is located just opposite the main entrance to Lapeyrouse Cemetery on Philip Street and is within walking distance of Victoria Square.[60]
Here is the link to the article in Wikipedia on Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago:

Port of Spain - Woodbrook, Trinidad and Tobago

Here is a section of one of my contributions to Wikipedia on Green Spaces in Woodbrook, Trinidad and Tobago. First there is the summary which is found at the top of the article in Wikipedia and it is generated through the use of typing skills also known as short cuts which are particular to the Wikipedia programme. So if you are curious, sign up for an account in Wikipedia, read the instructions or try to edit one of the sections so as to learn the how to's  if you are so inclined

Green Spaces
One of the larger and older green spaces in Woodbrook is Adam Smith Square. [29] This square is located on Ariapita Avenue in close proximity to Murray Street and was one of the parks of the old days. Adam Smith Square is surrounded by buildings which have been restored and maintained, many of which now function as business places.
In the weeks preceding Carnival each year, the look of the square changes as stadium style benches are built up by one of the City Corporations in support of Carnival. On Carnival Monday and Tuesday, this square is one of the judging points for mas Bands which elect to cross the stage at this location.
Outside of Carnival, the Square functions as a time out spot as persons sit on benches while visiting any of the businesses in the neighbourhood. On weekends several young families bring their toddlers and young children to the Square to run, play and get in some exercise and bonding time prior to the start of the next week.
In 2015, Adam Smith Square was one of the outdoor locations for a community cinema.[30]
Here is the link to the article in Wikipedia on Port of Spain - Woodbrook Trinidad and Tobago

Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago - North of Downtown

Here is another extract from the article in Wikipedia on Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago - North of Downtown. The subsection titled Buildings and Places of interest reflect my contribution to the article:

2.3.4North of downtown
Buildings and Places of Interest
For many years, the Government Printery Services was located at the intersection of Victoria Avenue and Tragarete Road until it was demolished between 2013 and 2015. according to informatiion which was provided at the "Feature Address for the Commissioning Ceremony of the new Government Printery Building, "In 1881, it moved from Mr. Clarke’s residence on Chacon Street to a new office in what was then known as the Tranquility District. That office, which was built especially for the Government Printery, was its home for one hundred and thirty-three (133) years." [26]
~ The Lapeyrouse Cemetery [27] is located along Tragarete Road and stretches from Philip Street to the corner opposite to Cipriani Boulevard. While the cemetery is not considered to be within the "Tranquility area", due to its proximity to this area, it is located on the opposite side of the Tragarete Road which is included in the Tranquility area, it is mentioned in this section of the piece. This cemetery serves as a melting pot of the people of Trinidad and Tobago as described in the following extract from The Caribbean History Archives by Gerard Besson of Paria Publishing Company Limited, "There are rows of graves with Chinese inscriptions, as well as small mansions for the French aristocratic dead. Elegant monuments commemorate the more conservative British, and imposing rotundas and tall obelisks eminent free masons of a previous century."
Here is a link to the article in Wikipedia on Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago:

Port of Spain - Belmont, Trinidad and Tobago

Within the article on Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, I have entered information on Belmont. Here is an extract from the article. The areas which are highlighted in blue in the summary are the areas to which I have contributed:

Famous Persons
Leroy Clarke is one of the well known artists of Trinidad and Tobago. Some of his works are on display at the Unit Trust Corporation Head Office on Independence Square, Port of Spain. His works are done in oil and are abstract in concept. In 1998, he was the first to be conferred the title Master Artist by The National Museum and Art Gallery of Trinidad and Tobago.[18] His hometown was Gonzalez, Belmont.
Cemeteries located in Belmont
Although taxi drivers who ply the Belmont route speak of the number of cemeteries which are located in the area, the website "Burial Grounds, Cemeteries & Cremation sites in Trinidad"[19] lists one cemetery with an address which is located in Belmont, under the heading of Port of Spain. The cemetery which is being referred to is "St. Margaret of Antioch Anglican Church Cemetery, St. Margaret’s Lane, Belmont". Although the address of the cemetery is listed as St. Margaret's Lane, the church and cemetery are also accessed from the Belmont Circular Road, Belmont as the property is situated on a corner.
Noteworthy Buildings - Homes, Churches & Educational Institutions- Primary, Secondary,Tertiary
One of the more recent renovations in Belmont which was done with a view to preserving the historic character of the building is Myler House. The image in the attached link, is that of Myler House.[20] This house is located on Myler Street and Belmont Circular Road, Belmont. According to "Let me tell you about My Island site, "the first President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago was born on Myler Street.".[21]
Other buildings which are either historic due to the age of the existing building or the principle on which the property was established to be used are as follows: ~St Jude's Home for Girls located on the Belmont Circular Road. This Home was established in 1923 according to the image which is located on the website.[22] ~The St. Dominic's Home which is located on the Belmont Circular Road is in close proximity to the St. Jude's Home.[23] The Home is located in the St. Dominic's Compound and has been in existence for approximately one hundred and forty five (145) years. ~L'Hospice - This Home for the Aged is located in close proximity to Charlotte and Park Streets. This Home has been in existence for approximately one hundred and fifty nine (159) years. For many persons, the L'Hospice is known for being dedicated to two (2) of the causes of St. Anthony of Padua, which are housing the sick and the elderly and feeding the poor. A chapel which is open to the public is attached to the property.
There are schools and churches of at least two denominations which are located within Belmont. These are Anglican and Catholic schools and churches. Also there is a tertiary educational institute which falls under the auspices of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Port of Spain - CREDI - Catholic Religious Education Development Institute.[24] This Institute is located in the St. Dominic's compound and offers undergraduate and post graduate programmes, along with certificate programmes and short courses.
Belmont is famous for having one of the few churches in the island which is dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi. This church is located on the Belmont Circular Road and is approximately one hundred and fourteen (114) years old.[25]
Here is a link to the site in Wikipedia if you are interested in reading up on the article: