Monday, 18 March 2013

Changes in Expectations

There are many things which we long for and to be, for some of us it is  to fit into that navy skirt on the left, it is the epitome of style... the color, the texture, the pattern. For some of us, it is the one on the right which we long for ... never mind that it is sheer, however it is the color that brings happiness into our minds, our eyes, our beings.... And some of will realise that neither of those skirts suit us and we may prefer a top in either color or both, whatever the style.The  realisation that we can select another article of clothing instead of the usual one can bring about a sense of accomplishment and growth as we are now content with who we are, accept that we are in transition and move along. This may seem silly and facetious, but there are many times when we may not realise that we have been wearing skirts when we should have  been wearing some part of the fabric as a top (read shirt, tunic)!
Another type of expectation deals with providing for ourselves. Many of us have been fortunate to have either had the expectation of a decent pension as we have religiously contributed to the plan, with the hope that the employer contributes on time as well. However with the downturn in the economy, there has been a decrease in the return on assets which support the plan. Accompanying the decrease in the return could be a major decrease in cash flow as the investment income becomes less. With the contributions remaining the  same, whereas before the surplus cash for the year could be invested in a number of high yielding assets, there are fewer choices available now!!!! Well the first step is to recognise that the return on assets has changed and try to build your cash reserves so that you have a shelter..... Start looking at the assets which you have and decide if you need to downsize and which asset it is better to sell now rather than later!..... It could be that the car may yield a larger inflow of cash, which can be tucked away or maybe you can keep the car and make another change. It is all about taking a good and hard look at your expectations and whether you can or will change them. Not easy thoughts!!!!!

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