Saturday, 2 March 2013


Sometimes when it is difficult to identify exactly what your current status is,  either you are unwilling to arrive at a decision or adding the label changes things in your mind, you may instinctively deal with things in a certain manner. Note that the title to the blog is "Remincing" as I am not dealing with reality or rarely current events...
For example some years ago, after deducting all of my commitments from my earnings, I realised that the portion for food and entertainment was extremely small in comparison to the other commitments. I also understood that there were habits that I could not commit to, such as buying groceries for the month after I tried it for month one and two and most of the items were unused. It was not for lack of trying, or not recognising the economics behind buying in bulk, however for some unfathomable reason, I would not cook or use the groceries which I bought. There were a few items which I used and I decided to build my list of consumables around those. More importantly I realised that there were times in the month, when having cash was important to my psyche. Thus came the plan of action, break down the food and entertainment budget into weekly amounts to be spent and purchase items needed out of that allowance. Needed became based on what I liked. Thus milk was a staple, hence there were times when because of other needs, I realised that there was no room in the budget for purchasing it in this week, well it became a stretched item, which did not finish in this week  as it had to last until the next week when there was sufficient cash to purchase it. On thinking back, there was no entertainment in that budget, it covered food. The moral of the story is that over time, you will realise that there are things which you enjoy  and which you think that you cannot live without, however sometimes there are economic realities which may necesitate a change in thinking and it may be up to you to change your feeling towards it.

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