Friday, 26 December 2014

Christmas 2014

This year has been a challenging one in several ways... There has been the emotional periods as this was a year of dealing with illnesses and aging,  rethinking the feasibility of studying two programmes as well as working full time.
So Christmas came in a piece meal way for me. There was the searching for sales paired with  assessing the usefulness of  the items being sold. I was quite lucky in that one of our supermarket chains was undergoing a rebranding exercise which led to several 'Madness sales" which catered to different tastes and needs, so that I was able to purchase "fruit cakes" which lasted until Christmas and beyond, due them having generous soakngs of rum ( after the purchase of course). This saved me a lot of time and effort and brought me to a state of anticipation, that Christmas was doable this year.
Closer to Christmas  Eve, one of our baking companies kept up their delivery of lemon flavoured cakes which topped the taste of a sponge cake which in ordinary times would have held its own in terms of price and taste.
This same supermarket chain catered to smaller families in terms of smaller turkeys, ducks  as well as other items which could have been used for gift giving, so I became even more entused about Christmas as time passed.
Image result for pastelles imagesThere was the usual Christmas preparation which involved lots of physical activity and rethinking of  my assessment of little used skills. Will I become a house painter in the future, so that I can develop excellent house painting skills? Will I ever learn to make "traditional tasting pastelles"? Will I lose my taste for corn cakes and corn pies or my desire to make them?

Holy Rosary Church
This was also a time for good news as one of our churches was re-opened in time for Mass on Christmas day! This was one of the churches that I grew into as an adult so I am looking forward to seeing it open to the public again. Of course I may not visit until February as I am still growing! See the link to the article which expresses so much about this church that it made my day.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Tax Amnesty 2015 - Update

The financial year end of Trinidad and Tobago is September 30. Thus each year we look forward to the Budget Statement which is usually read in early September, the plans we make to take advantage of the changes to the allowances or to the new benefits. This year  a Tax Amnesty was declared and having enjoyed the additional work which flowed with previous years' Tax Amnestys,  I am so happy that the Amnesty went into effect on the date the Budget Statement was read. The beauty of the early adoption of the Amnesty lies in the expectation that  all the prior years tax returns can be filed before the end of the calendar year, the taxes will have to be paid with the filing of the tax returns which will impact on the planning of the cash flows, however there is hope, that this benefit will be utilised by everyone...
Here are some links that will assist going forward as well

Payment Description slip

Taxation forms 
These forms can be used by emolument earners and non emolument earners, and corporations which are further classified according to type of company, such as insurance, trade and manufacture.

Income Tax Return For Individuals
(FORM 400 ITR)
 2009 (Emolument Income Earner only 536KB)
 2009 (Non-Emolument Income Earner 828KB)
 2010 (Emolument Income Earner 2.36MB)
 2010 (Non-Emolument Income Earner 2.48MB)
 2011 (Emolument Income Earner 378KB)
 2011 (Non-Emolument Income Earner 762KB)
 2012 (Non-Emolument Income Earner 1137KB)
 2012 (Emolument Income Earner [440 EMO] 974KB)
 2013 (Non- Emolument Income Earner 2.15MB)
 2013 (Emolument Income Earner [440 EMO] 150KB)
 2014 (Non- Emolument Income Earner 223KB)
 2014 (Emolument Income Earner [440 EMO] 153KB)

(FORM 400 ITR and FORM 440 EMO Instructions)
 2009 (669KB)
 2010 (274KB)
 2011 (437KB)
 2012 (172KB)
 2013 (336KB)
 2014 (154KB)

Corporation Tax Return
(FORM 500 CTR)
 2007 (1.2MB)
 2008 (992KB)
 2009 (483KB)
 2010 (2.41MB)
 2011 (732KB)
 2012 (812KB)
 2013 (129KB)

(FORM 500 CTR Instructions)
 2008 (119KB)
 2009 (639KB)
 2010 (127KB)
 2011 (259KB)
 2012 (657KB)

Tax Return For Insurance Companies Only(FORM 600 INS)
 2008 (204KB )
 2009 (1053KB)
 2010 (87KB)
 2011 (96.2KB)
 2012 (99KB)
 2013 (96KB)

(FORM 600 INS Instructions)
 2008 (611KB)
 2009 (591KB)
 2010 (304KB)
 2011 (159KB)

Tax Declaration Form

Income Tax Return For Partnerships,
Joint Ventures, Trusts and Estates of
Deceased Persons
(FORM 700 PAR)
 2007 (3087KB)
 2008 (360KB)
 2009 (112KB)
 2010 (2.38MB)
 2011 (699KB)
 2012 (872KB)
 2013 (216KB)

(FORM 700 PAR Instructions)
 2008 ( 99 KB)
 2009 (634KB)
 2010 (111KB)
 2011 (259KB)
 2012 (  61KB)

Petroleum Profits Tax Return
(FORM 200 PPT)
 2007 (296KB)
 2008 (344KB)
 2009 (344KB)
 2010 (805KB)
 2011 (804KB)
 2012 (829KB)

Supplemental Petroleum Tax Return
(FORM 200 SPT)
 2007 (93KB)
 2008 (235KB)
 2009 (274KB)
 2010 (281KB)
 2011 (1148KB)
 2012 (1183KB)
 2013 (1433KB)

Applications to the Board of Inland Revenue

Here are some of the applications which can be made to the BIR

Legislation and Tax laws