Sunday, 10 March 2013

It is all about how you view things

Many times in life, it is about how you view things, the layers or the levels. Sometimes the conversation is innocuous and sometimes the meaning can be clear. I remember a client who listened attentively, asked questions and seemed open, everything about him was sincere and seemed to be in agreement, till one day he said  "Until I say I am in agreement, you do not have my agreement". Talk about the ouch factor! Now we say, "are we in agreement" or  "do you agree"?  One would think that having learnt my lesson, I would ensure that every conversation has a "are we in agreement", however  you can learn that some persons  disagree quite  accidentally and  you go along until one party decides to broach the subject, when the non agreement starts to be dealt with...

 On  a pleasant note, here are three photos, which show different angles of the same scenes in different lights. In  the first one, the evening light shows the tree as being stark, with only the sky to offer some form of color. In another the trees  appear to be in the distance with clouds in the sky and the sky is still bright. In another, the early morning sun shows the flowers in the trees, which are complemented by the sea and the sky.  Moral of the story: There will always be angles and scenes and sometimes you have to decide how many of each you want to have.

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