Friday, 1 March 2013

Following~ relationships

After my last post on Relationships which basically  arose from an  post by the ex CEO of Groupon  to the rest of the team on his being fired, I decided that I would write about what I am looking for in my next job. Here are the important things:
  1. How the interviewer sells the company or the offer. This is not about being vain or egostistical however what the company puts on the table is an indication of how they will deal with you..... I remember attending an interview with a company which looked good on their website and being faced with "an attitude of what are you selling?" Then one of the interviewers, the majority shareholder, who had worked in a company which was heavily dependent on Human Resources, started telling me things about the company which was not public knowledge and which could not be gained from the website.. The information which was provided was the selling point as well as the icing on the cake for me. The salary was not the best one at that time, however the interviewer lived up to her reputation ( of being kind, knowledgeable and generous). 
  2. The stage of growth of the company as well as  ownership. Companies in the early and mature stages  of growth are experiencing  different kinds of risk. There is either the risk of growing the business to meet cash flow needs or there is the risk of investing in projects which have higher than normal risks. Similarly, a company which is going public or is quoted on the stock exchange will have a higher than normal rate of risk and stress as there are expectations relating to earnings, share prices and a whole lot of needs which put the reporting requirements at a more complex stage.

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