Thursday, 21 March 2013

I've been thinking

I've been thinking about skipping  mass on Holy Thursday and  the Easter activities such as the Good Friday walk in favor of some other  types of activities. But then, my "motivational side" starts to kick in and I hear a little voice saying:

  • How will you miss Freddie's buns? Not have any at all? If you can pass on Freddies, how about Linda's or Tru Valu's? (Usually we do taste tests which involve eating several buns from different bakeries and trying to decide which bakery produced the best set of buns)  Well, there is a bakery near to where I work which has been producing buns which look semi decent so I can have my fill of buns before Easter which seems to be a good alternative!
My second how will you miss, involves the donation of groceries to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, which happens on Holy Thursday..... This one is a bit trickier and will require some working out.....

The truth is that I have been thinking about going to Curacao for Easter, however the reality is that, that may happen in another year. This expression  is all coming from a Joyce Meyer show where she said, something to the effect of " don't limit yourself in what you are saying, say it in a positive way"  When you find a positive way to say something, such as "that may happen in another year", you allow yourself to reassess your choice at another time and the answer may be to reassess that choice again....

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