Saturday, 19 January 2013

Thinking Badly - Version 1

The following is an extract from a post which I did on Facebook.  "Sometimes, I try not to get caught up in the "thinking badly" about myself. The "bad thinking" can range from the state of my face, to how I behaved. I understand that behaviour etc can need reviewing, as in most relationships things do not always work well and you may need a tuneup or an overhaul. Of course I am also working on not thinking badly of others..... So which one do you think should occupy more of my time or I should work on ?????" Here is an expansion on the above post.

Most times  on FB, I stay away from the emotional, preferring to "like" pretty pictures such as the one following. 

Photo: A Room With A View~Denmark, Copenhagen - Crocus Bloom
Taken from Crocus  Bloom, Denmark Copenhagen
Or I might stop by a piece from a religious page and just enjoy the post: 

Our Mission

Our time upon this earth is precious, we all have a mission, a purpose in life, but so few people discover it. We all become so easily distracted and lose focus. Even when we get to know our calling, we suffer with trials, discouragements and apathy. To remain zealous and effective in our work we must remain In close communion with the Lord, it is He who has given us our calling. It is He who is our zeal, our strength and our courage. It is for Him that we labour, through Him that we succeed in sharing our love, and in Him that we find our peace.

However back to the original concept.  Thinking badly can range from the state of my face to how I behaved..... Well the truth of the matter is: The state of my face is a result of time and effort which I put into caring for it. There may be times when I should care more about my appearance. It does pay big dividends! There are also the things that I cannot change about my face, and recognising the person that I am, will impact on how much  I put into taking care of my face. Of course fundamentally, the person and state of mind in which I find myself at any point in time will impact on the state of my face. In other words, if I am happy, I may smile a lot more, be outgoing and hence my features or the state of my face may have less impact that the interaction of the moment.

Behaving badly is an assessment! I can have one moment which spoils things for me, as I can continue on a downward path  from that one incident or I can accept that I did not do so well there and this will be a challenge to keep working on. "Hence the need for a tune up or an overhaul which is another story.

I may never get to a state of good behaviour and I may need to understand the factors which I may not be willing to deal with.

At any point in time, there may be several challenges facing a person and stopping to reassess your position every so often can be good.... 

P.S. On re reading, I thought all of the words just did not have the right impact, did not catch my eye, make me want to read, so I changed it from just a page with words that were so profound to me, to one with pictures. One aspect which the post did not capture was the concept of works of mercy!. As I am fond of writing, that is another story as what is the point of a blog if you do not keep writing!!!!

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