Sunday, 27 January 2013

In the long term, I want to:

I started writing this to define the absolute basic of what I wanted to do professionally in the long term. In revisiting the draft, I realised that I like Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and wanted to add it as a
broadcasted basic.
While CSR can seem to be demanding in that you give up a lot of your free me, should you volunteer for most of the activities which are currently available, one of the benefits which arise  is the  developing of the person and the organisation.  Of course there are exceptions to the rule, however in most cases over time through voluntering, persons develop planning, team and relationship building skills. However, back to the broadcasted 'basic of what I want to do/offer in the long term": I want to offer a service for persons who:
  • Want advice on taxes
  • Are willing to learn new skills with respect to accounting, taxes, possibly cash flow planning, accounting 
  • programmes! Why?
Persons who are willing to learn allow for adapting to changes which are more difficult otherwise! It is always good to share knowledge as each person can add their perspective on things, and coming back to something allows you to look at things differently...

Accounting /producing compilation reports can be your bread and butter, but taxes, payment of these is where you can make some money consistently.

Green Fund Levy and Business Levy saw to that.....

So while you cannot be everything to everyone, you can be  try to organise things so that there is a steady stream of income, there is a provision for retirement and you can be paid for doing something you love~

So what is my motivation? I will never learn to love cooking, so I  have to earn enough to  buy meals. :)

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