Thursday, 24 January 2013

Annual Letter from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

I started out  liking Microsoft not very much years ago, after being told that as part of a merger, the software of the company would be Microsoft. I had recently bought a computer/laptop with Lotus or some other package which was a competitor of Microsoft Office or the version of the time. However as time passed and I saw Bill Gates devote a significant amount of funds, expertise and time to causes which could change the world, I started to mellow. In other words, he gave time, treasure and talent. And for those of us who do not look at these things, he provided information which was not readily available so that  we could grow.

Three Magical ThingsBill Gates
When I read the first Annual Letter, I fell in love. I printed it, posted it, saved it somewhere, just to not lose it.  The layout was good, the writing was excellent and most of all it offered hope in so many areas. It was like the man had selected persons like himself  from years ago and given them a chance to change the world, make a difference.

  • So here are short and sweet,  links to: or links to the pages of the newsletter, so that you can chose which page you would like to read savoring each. They are a worthwhile read. And even better his wife's name is inlcuded in that of the Foundation.

Administering polio drops to a child during a visit to a Bini health clinic (Sokoto, Nigeria, 2009)
  • Page 1: Introduction
  • Page 2: Childhood Deaths
  • Page 3: Agriculture
  • Page 4: U.S. Education
  • Page 5: Progress on Polio
  • Page 6: Progress on AIDS
  • Page 7: Progress on Malaria
  • Page 8: The Role of Foundations
  • Page 9: The Economic Crisis
  • Page 10: In Closing

Progress in Global Health

Bill Gates: Why I Write an Annual Letter This is for those who would like to select which year's letter they would like to read.

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