Saturday, 19 January 2013

I've been reading: The Richest Man in Babylon

Another book which is used as part of self development is  George S Clason. I remember subscribing to a series of books on self development and paying one hundred dollars on a monthly basis, and receiving this thin book and being assured that the cost of the books averaged out.  Being willing to try the concept of learning on my own, given that most of my learning arose in different ways, either through work experience or structured training, I started reading the book. Now there was nothing earth shattering about the concepts which were explored in the book, however the topic was money and that was the  selling point for me.

Product DetailsAs a guide to teaching persons whose skills arise from interacting with others, this book is priceless, because it encourages exploration of the concepts explained.
Another good point  of the book is that it encourages persons to think medium to long term in their investing, as there is little stability of income for those who are starting their business. At that time, they are thinking about the financing of the assets for the next stage of investment/growth. The value of the business is also seen in the growth of the business.

So the years have passed and I have not heeded the advice of the book or the concepts explored, how do I feel? I can live with not being the richest woman in Babylon, but I will re read the book with appreciation.

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