Tuesday, 22 January 2013

St Vincent

My visit to St Vincent was quite short as it only lasted a few days and the distance between our accommodation and the place of work was quite close.  I did manage to capture some photos of the town during lunch.
Up close and personal with the pavements - 
Sometimes when you cannot go back, you find that you will get it back in an unexpected way, its all about how you look at things, whether you want to see them or not .  I grew up with pavements which were constrcuted in a similar manner to the one in the photo.

I loved the stone work on Basil's Bar.
Road side view of Basil's Bar - an example of how Kingstown can be restored. Imagine that!

Ignoring the people I love the arch and the use of the stonework as well as  the use of glass!
Wonderful looking place!

Looking at this photo of Kingstown, you would not know where you are, because there are so many streets like this one, all over the Caribbean

Picture of Botanical Gardens in SVG

 A view of the sea with a boat coming in to the port.

 You will not change the world, but you can choose what you look at, whether you drag yourself to appreciation stage or whether you never let yourself see beauty
View of the Mountains from the front of Grenadine House/ not sure of the name of the hotel.

The mountains and the sea, so close and yet so far apart

Another view of the sea and the mountains, so close and yet so far apart.

A keychain ~ A serious commitment to craft and very good craft!

Yes, they live on the "hillsides"/mountains just as we do

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