Tuesday, 22 January 2013


One Saturday, my colleague and I decided to visit Bridgetown, using public transaportation to get to town. We had been working for the last week and decided to tour the town. Here are the photos:
This scene is a mix of old and new. I do not recall when the "lamp posts" were installed, however they add a nice touch to the scene of the Carenage, not sure of the spelling...
I remember years ago, wondering about the coincidence of 'words' as we have an area called Carenage in Trinidad and it is quite nice also.

This was a nice area in Bridgetown.

I love the use of the old canons. These are found in Forts in Trinidad and Tobago which are usually located on hills as most of our forts were built for looking out for incoming ships.

I liked the "lifesize' pieces which were quite light.
Below: Crane Beach

 A beach with much calmer  waters.

Grounds of a Hotel.

An early morning sight on the beach...

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