Saturday, 12 January 2013

10 Things that I will do to be happy this week!

Hard to believe how happy I usually am, however this month is tougher than many.  However I can choose to be happy. Here is my list of Ten (10) things that I will do to be happy this week:

1 Drink enough water. ~ There are many side effects to not drinking enough water and many benefits which I will not go into.  However drinking water frequently can make you happy as I believe that putting your lips to a glass encourages you to smile. The bigger the glass, the bigger the smile :)

2 Eat healthy ~ Find 5 things that you consider will add to your good health and eat them for at least 5 days of the week. If you cannot try for the extraordinary, then try for the ordinary. Sometimes when you are in the middle of the road and you cannot see behind or in front, then you need to keep going. So evaluate where you are and keep going.

3Understand when you need to manage expectations and whose you need to manage! It is ok to walk away from the decision making and let others assume responsibility for the decisions. Let someone else make lists about the pro's and con's and let them track the possibilities. Call it a maturity profile for whatever you would like to track, but let others assume responsibility. Let them put things in writing and ask for clarification. Use your strengths.

4 Plan an early day at least four times  for the week! This includes an early start to breakfast, vitamins, lunch, dinner,  re use meals or parts thereof as many times as possible, leave work early.  Bread can be a lifesaver! Use the time to be present and calm with others. Call it a sanity check!

5 Walk~ If you cannot exercise in the way you normally would, take a walk when you reach home, after you have settled others.... It will allow you to wind down.

6 Understand your limitations and accept them!

7 Use some of your time to plan! Call it a tracker of things not done! Let the stress of not accomplishing be placed on the page and leave it there...

8 Realise that persons may not understand things even though you  will explain them! Accept that!

9 Spend wisely! Don't stress over spending more than you had planned!

10 Carve out some me time! Read ~ It will stimulate your brain, get engrossed in something, it will clear your mind and give you a mental break!

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