Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Gates Notes

All right, I thought I had captured it all with the Annual Letters of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, but I was wrong, here are "The Gates Notes"   which are self explanatory, that is, they are written/composed by Bill Gates of Microsoft fame. They are quite interesting also.  These "notes"  are the equivalent to websites on six topics, thus each topic is linked to a page with photos and articles  using either dates to highlight the age of the article or event or a photo of a book cover. There  are "notes" on:
I thought that the Personal would be just that, however it covers topics such as "Making the Most of your Holiday Giving"
Making the Most of you Holiday Giving which was quite good.  One of the causes, was of interest in that  the underlying  concept of choosing which project relating to a school need you would like to support could be used universally. So maybe the "how to make the project work" in any country while maintaining transparency could be copyright as there are always needs with respect to schools. In our country, schools were launched in various areas  to support the concept of  faith being maintained in the schools. These concepts still hold true as most of the established religious bodies have maintained the schools in the various areas. Also there are schools which were established by the Government. I see this project as being of use for all schools.
Then there is charity: water,  which deals with providing solutions to water challenges in various parts of the world.
 In "Catapult", there are 24 areas to choose from, to assist in making the world a gender equal place.

And just so that we will be all on the same page, here are the terms of use:
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