Saturday, 26 January 2013

Donor's Choose.Org

7R's: FiRst GRadeRs ReseaRch a Topic, Then WRite CReatively!
Let's Get RollingPreviously I wrote about some of the worthy causes which "Gates Notes" promote and I had a quick glance at some of the sites. Today I went back to Donor's Choose  and started looking at the page. This site attempts to link persons who are willing to donate money with a project which a teacher is undertaking. On the opening page, projects are listed by category such as Art, Science, Project of the day, Half of. The Half off identifies companies which have donated to specific projects. Also if you are financially unable to contribute to all of the projects as they are very engaging to look at, then you can share a few projects a day and highlight the needs of others. The sharing of the information will be of value as the information may spark a great contribution from someone else. The projects can be viewed according to the following categories:
Most Urgent: Highest Poverty and Closest to the Finish Line: These range from "Literacy for my little scholars where US$85 is needed, out of a total cost of US$808;
Expand Horizons and Bring Spanish to Life!
Literacy For My Little Scholars  

Bean Bags make reading more fun, where US$91, is needed out of a total cost of US$244,
Fewest Days Left:

Lowest Cost::
Most Donors:

In viewing some of the projects, I noted that there was support being provided by volunteers at Donor's Choose where someone "Reviewed the project essay and sent follow-up questions if needed," and someone "Verified the cost of the requested technology and posted this project." I also like the comments on the projects as some of the persons who have donated knew the person who was making the request and stated that were donating because they were supporting the person or the project. I especially enjoy reading about the projects, as there is a volume of caring and problem solving taking place by teachers which can assist in solving challenges which other teachers or parents around the world may have. I suppose that maintaining these essays on a database to provide access to solutions for various challenges would be another project as this info is too valuable to lose sight of once a project is completed.

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