Friday, 11 January 2013

All Saints Anglican

Several years ago, I visited All Saints Anglican Church  Trinidad for the funeral of the wife of one of my former bosses. The reason for attending the funeral was one of those things where you go out of compassion for the person, the goodness that they did and the fact that this person ( the wife) mattered greatly to them. Usually when I do these spur of the moment things, there are major consequences and I have had enough experience with life to understand that for all of the things that I can control, there are many more that I cannot.
Upon entering the church, I was struck by how beautiful the stained glass window above the altar was! There were several shades of green, beautiful greens. Greens that I would not associate with Jesus or anything holy, as Jesus, Mary, holiness were blues and reds, preferred colors but not greens and definitely not so beautiful...

All the prejudice that I had harbored, whether consciously or not against Anglicans and how their church came about fell apart in the middle of that one satined glass window of a green robed Jesus. Perhaps I am wrong about Jesus being represented  behind that altar, and it was some other saint, but I can live with that... I think there was a lot of forgiveness that day, it was  the start of a turning point in dealing with my father's death, but that is another story....

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