Friday, 18 January 2013

I've been reading: Shine: Break your relationship;s bad Habits Jan 18, 2013

" I've been reading" is going to cover a bit of my moments of inspiration, sharing what I felt at a moment in time!. I may not express the circumstances why the inspirational stuff mattered, but just capturing and sharing the moment will be the start of a process:
Source: Shine: Break your Bad Relationship habits:
The inspriational moments range from "Give a little bit",  Start early, Unplug and  Plan your weekend in Advance"
"Give a little bit" immediately brought to mind several couples who are involved in giving in different ways. Some couples donate  lunches on a Sunday, while others are involved in the co ordination of the activity. Others are involved in activites where there is a display of shared beliefs.  I agree that this allows for bonding of a different type and could lead to change in perspective.
"Start early" - I like the concept of bonding together early in the day, when the energy is at a different level. It can add that layer of warmth to your life.
"Unplug" covers sharing at another point in time which allows for winding down.
"Plan your weekend" brings you into the I am thinking of making some time special with you!.

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