Sunday, 27 January 2013

Blogging and my Career

My career has been based on confidentiality. There were no discussions in public about client's affairs or with other members of staff who were not directly involved with the client. Most things about clients were handled on a need to know basis.

There were several reasons for staying in that career for a period of time, such as  access to learning, both technical and through training and  the culture of the company. Yes there were drawbacks in that there were endless rules, timekeeping,  getting things done on time was a factor of life, however the pluses outweighed  the minuses.
After a career break which involved learning in a different way, mainly through practical experience of how things worked, some technical learning, luck in work opportunities and good relationships. I was hired by a company that looked good on their website in terms of the services which they offered. They turned out to be good in other ways, from the people experience to the opportunities for learning, in short their website did not sell the whole picture and I guess that is one of their better kept secrets. Of course part of the secret involves how you apply yourself  as
part of any experience involves you.
They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, well there are many ideas/practices engaged in by that company which I will like to imitate should I have my own business.
One of the better ones is a staff breakfast where  each person brings something and it costs the business nothing except time. Part of the enjoyment in that interaction was appreciation for one another, their generousity and willingness to share, the bonding of persons as in most instances we did not have a meal together except at Christmas so this was an interim form of bonding.
So how does blogging and my career fit together? Well a person's career is based on strategic moves,  part advertising and networking, part knowledge and skill, part sharing of where they would like to be and what are the constants in their lives.  I believe that there are many things that I have learnt apart from the technical skills, either through development books which I have read or interactions with persons and blogging is giving me a chance to capture those important aspects of my career. Many persons are great at advertising their  knowledge and skill and where they would like to be, however the constants in their lives can change based on where they see themsleves.  I am hoping that the constants in my life define me.......

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