Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Nature scenes

I have never been fascinated by nature. Growing up, give me a book and I would be happy. So as an adult, in trying to change my outlook on things, I am trying to pay attention to nature.  Here are a few sights:

The beauty in the following photo is that I am in a two storey building on a hill looking out over a patch of greenery. The trees are dense in some areas and in some you can see through the branches even though these are some of the uppermost. The day is one of those days as you can see from the clouds and the patch of white represents glare off the water.

These lilies were photgraphed in St Lucia. The fascination came from the fact that this pool of water was partially fed by salt water and fresh water from the rain. The lilies came out early in the morning, the petals were various shades of pink and the lilies were at various stages  in life.

This flower also bloomed in St Lucia near to Point Seraphine. The fascination was with the deep color. This grew on a sort of shrub and I discovered it while walking one evening.

The beauty of this tree was captured at a time when I was busy looking for poui trees, hoping" my tree"would bloom  so that I coudl win a contest. although I liked this tree, the blooms were scanty, it was not in full bloom. I had a number of reasons why this tree could not suffice. I was in love with "my tree" That year the tree did not change color at all.  I do try hard to win.

This is close to what my tree looks like. If it had turned at the right time, with my angling to avoid the passing vehicles, I would have stood a chance, I kept telling myself. When I saw the scenes with the poui trees from round the Savannah on the face of the Republic Bank Credit Card, I could kick myself, because myabe if I had taken the photo of the yellow scrawny tree with the blooms all over the ground I might have stood a chance. Imagine the royalties I could have earned, with the sale of the photo on  all those cards.

Sorry about the blurry picture, however that rock in the middle of sea has always fascinated me. Being close minded, I have always seen the perfect center of that rock even if I was offside of it. The Bay I was located in was perfectly center and I was nver wrong. Of course not wanting to be worng, I would never admit it.

A perfect bunch of white orchids.. I cannot remember where these were blooming, however they were beautiful. I think that I was amazed by the number of flowers blooming at one time.

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