Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Re entering the Job Market or the World of Work

Some years ago, I  re entered the job market  or the world of work after working on my own for a period of time. The following are  the factors which can  impact on the re entry into the job market:

Continuing Professional Education  - Today almost all fields rely on continuing professional education. Understand that you are a professional, and prior to returning to work, search the Internet for sites which are free of charge  which provide updates on your area of knowledge.   This will  indicate that there was continuous development taking place and that there is an interest in the development of self which will be ongoing. Keep that commitment.
Ability to deliver at the standard /level which is expected -
While you may have been on a career break,  on returning to work you would  need to show your future employer that you are capable of handling work at the level which is expected of the position.  Start reading as many articles  as possible to bring your knowledge to the current level of persons with whom you will be working as well as  that of the industry.
Ask about the Organisation chart, its availability to persons at your level, this is acceptable language and shows an interest in the company!
Also there may have been changes in the practices of the area so that the way things were done may have changed significantly. This may be identifiable through the articles which are available online.  Ask about innovations in the company and its intended impact.
Black Ring Binder Cover On White Background Stock PhotoExpectations and ability to commit - In some instances,  ask what are the employer's expectations and deliverables so that you are both being upfront about the deliverables during the probationary stage. Also ask what is expected after the probationary stage as you may not make it past that period of employment and there may not be any intention for you to continue past the probationary stage.
Ability to deliver at a consistent pace during the employer's hours of work. - Many persons who have been on a career break may experience difficulty functioning at the pace and during the hours of work of most companies as they may not have had the practice  during their career break.  Understand how you will be able to cope with this challenge. It is likely to be a question in the interview.
ComputersUse of Technology  - Use of technology varies from company to company. Try to understand what are the innovations which are available, especially with respect to storage of documents electronically, use of databases. There are many simple solutions which have been made available through networking ( I.T. style) in spite of the availability of wireless. If your field prior to going on the career break was specific to one type of company, which may have been paper based, then try to discuss how breakthroughs in technology in other areas can benefit your speciality.
Solutions - In reviewing the above points, I realise that these may be beneficial at any point in a person's work life, whether they are returning to work or looking to change industries or jobs. I hope I remember to ask them at my next interview or the interviewer covers these areas.

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