Thursday, 7 February 2013

Photography and Photographers - Part I

For a period of time, having a camera and taking photos was like trying to develop a skill. There were the photos of the approach to Maracas Bay which has been captured by so many photographers. Gradually things and times changed and now I rely on the camera in my blackberry. If the phone dies and the battery is not replaceable or I lose the phone I lose the photos. I understand the risk. One of my medium term solutions is to place albums on Facebook and have online storage for free.
However I am fascinated by persons who are skilled photographers and who are organised in the display of their work. Here are a few examples of photgraphers  and photographs which I have found fascinating for one reason or the other:
Steven Sklifas - Mediterranean Heritage and Travel I suppose reading the Rick Riordan series on Heroes of Olympus which is a development of Greek myths and heroes which we studied in school has made an impact. Mr. Skilfas's photographs cover the following:

His photos are also classified according to topics such as:
  • Archaeological Sites
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites 
  • Architectures
  • Antiquities
  • Religions
  • Landscapes and Garden villas
  • Travel and tourism
Lord Snowdon's photos and the stories behind the photos, such as the use of "blue" was quite inspiring. It was amazing to see the shades of blue and the use of blue through time.lord snowdon

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