Thursday, 7 February 2013

Another type of Investing

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Some years ago I started a  distribution business where you could specialise in a category of products ranging from makeup to household appliances and supplies, to wellness. It was fun learning about all of the products and using some of the consumables, there were brochures and magazines, meetings on a large scale and one on one interaction with persons. In the early days of the venture, there was an exercise to develop goals relating to money which would tie in to how much you wanted to earn in a particular period. This was a tool which was used to motivate you. This venture had a lot  of positives in that  the products were good, some extremely good, there was the use of tax planning, self development through books and meetings to name a few of the pluses. However there was strong competition from other areas. I had been sent a brochure in the mail from a company which I had heard about, which was quietly private and there were several investment products being offered. These products ranged from long term investment where an inital sum was invested and in x number of years, there was a repayment of y, to where an initial sum was invested and there was a stream of outflows over a period  of time which related to the initial sum placed plus a bit extra. 
Needless to say I was excited about these  products and in the midst of the exercise by company number 1,  the distribution company, I forgot about learning about the products and I wanted the "money to be earned" now so that I could invest in these products. The distribution  business never really took off as I was not very passionate about it at that time.  The investment company continued to offer excellent products which were tied to the state of the economy, rate of interest and that remained a passion of mine for quite some time. Of course not having made the "goal money" there was limited investing which I could do, however I could keep learning!
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