Saturday, 9 February 2013

I've been reading: Wisdom from the Proverbs

Some years ago I started trying to read books which were inspirational, faith based or inspired by the Bible to be more accurate! I went through "All will be well" by Julian  of Norwich, I tried Joyce Meyer, study of the various books  of the bible, daily inspirational readings scuh as Living Faith,  several 365 reading books. I find myself picking up Wisdom from the Proverbs  reading the day's reading and telling myself that I am preparing myself for Lent  and I realise that  it is really to have something to write about.
St Martin de Porres
St Dominic
St Vincent de Paul
In reality most of the books  have stayed unread for a reason, the workbooks and all of the rest stayed unread, unworked.... I was not motivated to read them, could not bring myself to schedule time, effort or energy.  These books are still stored on a shelf which is  located between a wall and a doorway which is partially incomplete and they have been very good in their current use of preventing someone from falling through the doorway which leads to no where.
I know that the unread books, just like the unfinished doorway represent a whole lot of emotional matters and truth be told, life is for living and having a good day is making me a whole lot happier than trying to be faith based or grounded in the knowledge of the bible which these books are supposed to make me. I may never be devout or deep in knowledge, but I will try to be charitable as I believe in the power of making a difference and in all of those saints whose attainment of sainthood was based on the lives they led.
St Anthony of Padua

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