Thursday, 21 February 2013

Just rambling I

I like accounting,  updating knowledge on a technical basis, interacting with others..... In auditing, you learn about respecting others in the interactions, not being a "blood hound". Using the concepts of materiality to guide your work, resolving matters before the due date for delivery, planning so that things get done in a timely and effective manner. Yeah I like earning a decent salary as I  like doing things with money.... However there are other things which I like/enjoy doing, such as managing money, maybe that is not the  best term to define the various aspects of money management, however I enjoy strategic planning, and I enjoy developing people!!!!  The enjoyment in developing persons was facilitated by functioning in a people centered industry and with it came the knowledge that human resources was critical to the success of the company, retention of staff, as there is value in  retaining knowledge of the business.
I like the different ways a business can develop and drive its activities for a period of time as well as have secondary drivers which can contribute to the development of persons and the business's core activities..... How do I mix the two?????
I also enjoy the challenges of technology, using programmes which offer different skills and deliverables....

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