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I'v Been reading: Paria Publishing Blog

Maybe I am still caught up in the impact of the meteor, or the possible scale of disaster which could have happened if there had been many more meteors (meteorites?), however I started looking at this blog on Paria Publishing and decided to share links and excerpts from some of the books  as well as a list of categories of books which have been published by the local company.

Grenada In Wartime by Beverley A Steele

"Have you ever looked up at the sky and seen a huge object coming towards you which you could not identify? Have you ever wondered what would happen if your country could import or export nothing at all? Have you experienced what it is like to have a loved one leave home and never come back? Have you ever waited months on end for a boat arrive that never does? For 60 years to pass and so many questions still left unanswered?"

The Tale of the Forest Guardians  by Ryan James

Written and illustrated by Ryan, "The Tale of the Forest Guardians" is a story about how the Trinidadian folklore characters Papa Bois and Mama Glo came into being. We assisted him with the layout and book production.

The carefully designed and beautifully crafted book was printed digitally by the Office Authority in a limited edition and a real collector's item. Contact us if you wish to get a copy!
Singing Steve: 

Dr. Stephen Bennett's charming memoir, lavishly illustrated, in a beautiful hardcover edition. The life story of a larger-than-life agriculturist, veterinarian, horseracing aficionado and breeder of livestock — amongst which the once famous Buffalypso of Trinidad.

What things are True by Jackie Hinkson

What things are true? This is what Jackie Hinkson has been asking himself since his early introduction into art and, more so, since completing his studies at the University of Alberta whose motto is “Quaecumque Vera” (Whatsoever Things Are True). In 2012, the year of his 70th birthday, he is still searching for the answer in his work.

"In 2010, Hinkson’s numerous sketch pads were inscribed in UNESCO’s “Memory of the World” registry"

 There is also And so we continue by Jackie Hinkson
Jackie Hinkson's

Longing to Belong Mount St Benedict Centenary

Published on the occasion of the Centenary of the Mount St. Benedict Monastery in Trinidad and Tobago, "Longing to Belong" is the fascinating story of the founder of this, the first Benedictine Monastery in the Caribbean and Central America. It is a compelling and at times tragic story of a man, a human being, with all his virtues and imperfections. Peter De Caigny (Dom Mayeul De Caigny) was first and foremost an "unwavering general" in all the battles he fought for the Church and for the Benedictines.

Western Isles of Trinidad by Fr. Anthony de Verteuil

Fr. Anthony de Verteuil, a well-known author about Trinidad's history with a large number of titles published over several decades, wrote this charming and interesting book about "Down the Islands". The small and tiny mountaintops that peep out of the ocean between Trinidad's westernmost tip and Venezuela's Paria peninsula have traditionally been the place for weekend homes of many of the country's old families, and generations of children virtually grew up there, learning about the sea and about boats. But there is more to the history of the Western Isles: historical battles were fought between them, pirates hid their loot there in sheltered coves, and the largest centipedes ever beheld by mankind live in their undergrowth!

 The Book of Trinidad by Gerard A. Besson and Bridget Brereton

The Book of Trinidad, a perennial favourite with Trinidadians all over the world, is an eclectic mix of travelogues, recipes, newspaper reports, official records, the seminal work of historians and, perhaps more importantly, the oral traditions of the very old whose memories link back to the turn of the century. Fully illustrated with rare pictures from a wide range of sources, The Book of Trinidad has sold thousands of copies since its first publication in 1986.

First In Trinidad by Michael Anthony

This charming, fully illustrated book contains entertaining and informative short stories about the first times things happened in Trinidad and Tobago: from the first settlers, to the first postal, electricity and telephone service, to the first Olympic gold medal winner. Anthony's amusing writing style brings history to life!

Port of Spain in a World at War by Michael Anthony

his book, the second volume of the History of Port-of-Spain, deals with events in the city during the years of the Second World War. 

It tells of the anxieties, the tensions, the hopes and fears of the people of the city during this period. It deals with the tense wartime atmosphere created by the presence of the American soldiers, the shortages especially of food — and of the hope for a better world after the war.

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