Saturday, 2 February 2013

Cathedrals in the Caribbean/Antilles - Part I

File:Sint-Petrus-en-Pauluskathedraal.jpgI had never seen a church so large  which was  constructed out of wood. Visiting Suriname after  working in Guyana where the use of wood was main stream, I was in awe.
I loved the color scheme on the outside, never imagining that those colors could be used so reverently.  Having seen the exterior when it was closed, I grew more restless as  the days passed and I could not satisfy my curiousity to see what the inside looked like. I could not get inside for one reason or the other. Eventually, I got the chance one lunch time to visit the inside when Mass was going on. The interior was even more beautiful with the carved pieces of wood supporting the structure. This building was an example of what all of the descriptions of the temples in Jerusalem could evoke.
File:St Petrus en Paulus kathedraal Paramaribo, Suriname.jpg

I had previously seen the interior of the Cathedral in St Lucia which was distinctly Caribbean in concept and was appealing., but the above was spell binding., This photo attempts to show how beautiful the Cathedral in St Lucia is, but it does not do the beauty of  the interior much justice.
File:09 St. Lucia 128.JPG

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