Friday, 16 September 2016

Musings ~ September 16, 2016

Imagine the power of emoticons, now  or also called emoji's!!!
See the following links for additional information on each concept...

I wonder when the name changed and what was the reason ...

Something as simple as :) to express something....

As simple and sweet as a smile...

Something that I use in emails, on the net....

Almost, like the PDF feature in Republic Bank's (Limited) option to print the transaction detail slip in online banking... Some smart alec probably suggested it...

Probably on a morning when a person says "PDF it" and it clicks!!!

For no apparent reason than you use Adobe as a programme and the end result is a PDF file, if not some other type of file.

Now, the reason you try not to buy/pay for certain products online, make that services* may be  because of the inherent risks of:
  • withholding tax being applicable and may not be deducted and 
  • the possibility of transfer pricing occurring..
And you try to resist..

You come off (that is you stop),  paying for coins on FaceBook games and you resist because:

In local parlance, "there is a fine line" between the concepts and ideas used in the online games and the games in the casino and:
  • The art work in the game such as: the icons or images used, the sounds or music in the game, the animation of the character(s)
  • The skills of the programmers, the original and the current
  • The skill of the designer of the play of the game, such as the plays per lines, the second screen game, the bonus element, the number of ways the game can "pay"
  • The service element embedded in it all
And you wait patiently!!!!

*(marketing MBA, you purchase a good for the service which is provided, its intrinsic value)
© copyright Jennifer N Bailey
P.S. The source of the copyright symbol was  Wikipedia

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