Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Originally posted on Face Book "Financial Planning Tip April 23, 2016 - 002 VAT ( Value Added Tax) Planning Strategies"

"For most businesses which are registered for VAT, April 25 is the due date for filing their return for the preceding  two month period. At this time ( April 25), the company or individual is already into the first month of their next VAT cycle!!! So how about investing some time in your business and start looking at the export market for items where there may be a demand for the good which you have!!!

I know that for some products you may not think that there is demand, however given that, persons' tastes are changing, according to season and age (think demographics) then look at what pairings you can provide: oats and cinnamon, ginger (tea powder) a small pack of dark brown sugar, currants or pineapple in the tin and liquid full cream (evaporated) milk! Offer the option to remove any one of the items and increase the quantity of another according to the customer's preference and request.

Another option that I am currently trying for flavor is cream of wheat, cinnamon and tumeric ( recipe is provided upon request :) ).

Also with Eid and Divali coming at later times in the year, packages of the components of sawine can be exported from now as persons may be interested in having an alternative dessert or easy drink or better yet parsad!!!

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