Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Originally posted on Facebook as "Financial Planning Tip - Sept 2015 - 002 "

Consider eating out your existing supplies of groceries over the next few months and save the funds which you would have spent on groceries. Christmas is coming in a few months and for some of us there is cupboard cleaning and discarding.

Therefore, right now if you can get creative with the menu based on what is in the cupboard and the need to keep your family healthy, At the end of this time,  you may have a nest egg for the new year or enough to make a payment to your tax savings plans in this year. 

Also consider your cash flow planning and your level of comfort when contributing to your "committed funds" as in Trinidad and Tobago there are implications for early withdrawals from your tax savings plans. So what might be good for me at a point in time may not be good for you at this time and vice versa!

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