Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Originally posted on Face Book as "Financial Planning Tip - April 15, 2015 -001 Rethinking your buying "portion" sizes"

"Over the last two years, due to several changes I have had to rethink my buying strategy in terms of: the size of what I buy, the frequency with which I buy certain items.

This change has been designed to benefit from specials or to purchase just enough so that I can change what I eat from week to week, as being a creature of habit I tend to eat the same things week on week and so forth. 

Taking all of the above into account, I now try to purchase several items which are priced under TT$10.00, except when there is a saving to be achieved if I buy a larger size and if I know that I will consume the item within a month.

This allows a locally packaged pack of cream of wheat (check for the iron content in the pack) (or rolled oats) to go a long way within a week, as flavored with different spices, I can drink it several times for the day, either as a pick me up or as part of a meal (think dessert). Beans and peas go great in a soup or with potatoes in a pie.

So consider trying out a change in the composition of your meals. Pretend that you are on the go a lot and you need to warm food which you have cooked in bulk and let me know where you saw the greatest change!"

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