Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Originally posted on Facebook as "Financial Planning Tip - Sept 2015 - 001 - Use vouchers to reduce your grocery bill"

"Massy Stores has a card system which allows you to earn points when you purchase groceries at their locations!

On Wednesdays you can earn double points on your purchases. Today I discovered that right now you can redeem the points for vouchers which can be used to purchase groceries or school items.

Even better the vouchers come in as small a size as $20.00 So the next time you redeem points, consider using some of the vouchers in the following ways:

Saving a $20 voucher for the supplies which your child needs in the middle of "your most cash strapped time"

Use the vouchers at the start of the month (especially on a Wednesday) so that you reduce your use of cash or you can reduce the debt on your credit card. If you can save the cash which you have not used, then it can become part of your emergency fund, that is those funds which you put in another account such as a Unit Trust Money Market Fund Account from the UTC (this part applies to us Trinis.)

PS I buy what is economical and practical for me to buy at Massy Stores

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