Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Originally posted as "Financial Planning Tip November 23, 2015 -001 Alimony Payments~"

"Here is some information in relation to Alimony Payments. This was extracted from the "Instructions on Preparing the Income Tax Returns"

"17. Alimony or Maintenance

Complete Schedule B, on Page 3.

(a) The full amount of maintenance or separation  allowance paid to a spouse under a Deed of Separation or  by a Court Order including a Magistrate’s Court Order  is allowable."

One of the good things about the form is that there are references to page and line numbers which make it easy to track where amounts are placed. A ruler comes in handy along with pencils and  erasers for your draft return..

Remember to keep a copy of your final signed return along with your attachments for your files.

See the following link for more information..

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