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Understanding can arise in different ways. Some of the ways are as follows:
~ Arising from disclosed information  such as that which is published in Newspapers or other sources such as the web.
From this type of information can come appreciation. I recently learnt that Caribbean School of Catholic Communications (CSCC) where the general theme  of the school is "Forming Missionary Disciples in a Digital Age"  has a long history and a number of connections. See the following extract and link:
"In keeping with the general theme of the school,.... Pastoral Media facilitator, Sr Angela Ann Zukowski, who has been an integral part of CSCC since its inception in 1995, set this year’s focus, “Faith as a Way of Living”, with her presentation “The New Evangelisation for Transmissions of the Christian Faith”. This year’s CSCC focused on faith in light of the Church’s “Year of Faith”, which begins in October". For additional info on this article  see

Imagine that this school has been running for approximately seventeen years from 1995 to 2012 with some of the persons who were there in the formation stage continuing to develop the school. Sr Angela Ann  has a history in the education field through her work with the University of Dayton. http://www.udayton.edu

A bit of background on the formation of the school:

" Synod 2009 named the New Evangelization as a pastoral priority. The school, answering the call of the local and Continental church, commits to the formation of missionary disciples. See

Statue of Our lady at University of Dayton
Of course at CSCC blogs have been covered already. See Andrew's blogvia the attached link: .
~ Arising from inference /deductions:
Most persons can read  or listen to statements and come to different conclusions.  Sometimes not stating a conclusion, but including as many facts as possible can allow persons to pass on information and retain it in a different way, which may be separate to self. What may be a conclusion for you may be a starting point for someone else.
~ Arising from perceptions
Perceptions are affected by where you are at emotionally and your use of perceptions in your functions.
~Acknowledging someone's feelings
Many times the persons with whom you are interacting are experiencing emotions which may need to be dealt with prior to dealing with the subject. Of course since you are not using your perceptiveness, because that is a function of where you are at emotionally, then you will have a conversation on a topic and never know why you are getting no where and be quite happy.

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