Monday, 31 December 2012

Factors to consider - Sept 1, 2012

This was previously written to my phone as a way of reassuring myself that I can still think and function as a reasonably intelligent person,. Of course given that this is written in a type of shorthand which may be code to most persons it may not make sense at all :
  1. Knowledge of the industry in which you will be working, ~ the upstream and the downstream of the industry.
  2. The structure in which you operate~ Can it cope with the needs of the area of responsibility, are there plans to change the components so that current and future needs can be dealt with, based on known combinations.
  3. Reporting responsibility~ Was there any documentation to measure accomplishments on time and as they occurred.
  4. Interaction with otheres~ Where do you see yourself fitting in with others? Is there common understanding, frustration being the bond?
  5. Skill, knowledge, competency, either technical or otherwise, openness. Even though you may not excel in every area of technical competency, willingness to assist others will count in your favor.
  6. Ability to grasp knowledge of the business, this will impact on the person's ability to grow, expand their skills, function in the new environment.
  7. Skills to be able to understand their needs, communicate in a language that conveys what they are looking for.
  8. Concept~ Entrepreneur of the month ~ You get a six month period of shadowing the "  " and between one to three months of being the boss.. Ideas are to be communciated to someone above, either the Chair or the Board  in writing, implementation fairly agreed upon, depending on the idea and concepts agreed upon, the person can be paid either through royalties or a bonus. There should be clear identification of outstanding matters which are being brought forward.

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