Saturday, 29 December 2012

How do I fall in love ~ Time after time

It can be very difficult to fall out of love as this implies that to fall in love time after time means that  you had to be out of love, whether slightly or in a  major way. You can be happier with someone at certain times than others, and you may feel intensely at certain times.

Just as private communication creates shared emotions, bonding, and sometimes people choose what they will display and  you will not necessarily know what a person feels.  There is no easy answer for what makes persons fall in love....  Sometimes the persons who are determined, decisive and controlled are the ones who will make the decision " to fall in love"  Whether they display that emotion or anything may be due to them having a private side that they choose to reveal. After all who will let anyone know that the thought of eating minced liver makes them gag, however they may eat it with a straight face even if they discover that it is cooked in beans, potato and  you are eating both  at  the same meal for three  days of the week.

Sometimes  you have to understand that you are looking for love, you are going to choose to love and you are going to make as rational a decision as possible.  If you would like the out of control love, there is the novena to St Ann, where you take what you prayed for and some times you will not like what you prayed for. However maturity, your decision and ability to commit will kick in at some time and you will stay married.  On the other hand, it is perfectly fine to walk away, lots of people do that and it is not the end of the world.... It is better to be labelled as someone who changes partners frequently (if frequently means at all), than to remain in something that  you may be afraid to look at.

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