Monday, 31 December 2012

10 Things or so,

This started as a list of things to acknowledge about yourself in different environments and coming to term with the strengths of others:

  1. Recognising that people need time to recharge. Not everyday someone can work at 115% or more. Sometimes an hour of whatever pace, will allow the person to catch themselves, (refresh and recharge)
  2. Recognising that sometimes a person could be faster at something than you and that's ok.
  3.  Recognising that there is value in learning new things. If you try to be open about learning things, the things that you are stubbornly resistant to, won't make it appear that you are totally strong willed and unwilling.
  4. There are always things to accomplish and to not accomplish  and to recognise that you have to live with the non accomplishments. Sometimes you have to treat your list of to do's as you would approach an exam, recognise that there are so many marks to be obtained and move on to the next question. 
  5. Recognise that there are people who you feel better  being around and it is ok to want to geel good. 
  6. Recognise that unless you have a vision of how the world could be, then you do not have anything to work towards, such as harmony, love, peace. Extract from homily of Fr. Henry Charles Week 1 of Advent.
  7. Recognise that God's grace means that you get spared some of the time. It is also supposed to teach you about gratitude. 
  8. Recognise that humility means stating things as they are. If Brian Lara says that he can make a few strokes in cricket, he would be saying that with humility. Extract from homily of Fr, Henry Charles. 
  9. Recognisng and thanking God for illuminating things like cave art, and imagining a story behind the creation, a journey that took place year on year of a mother using it to make her childrena nd herself mentally comfortable.
  10. There is value being added in a program and that can sell it, if we slow down and speak to persons, rather than talk at them. We may have told a story many times, so there are lots of times when we shorten it and we do not realise that we have shortened it so many times. Of course we need to realise that we are speaking to persons who may have different knowledge levels, skills and competencies and who have not tackled the program because there is some thing holding them back and we have not addressed that need in all of the times and avenues when we have been selling it.
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