Saturday, 29 December 2012

The many faces of Curacao

I have been visiting Curacao over the last few years and have occupied different hotels during the course of time.  During the years when I did not visit Curacao, work allowed for visits to some of the Caribbean islands hence there was exposure to other hotels.

Courtyard of  a former fort
While wandering through Otrabanda early one morning I decided to take a walk through Hotel Kura Hulanda. At that time I did not know that the Hotel was going to be called "Sandton Kura Hulanda & Spa" and I was just trying  to choose between visiting the Museum which I had visited before or taking a walk through the compound which I had not done before, having planned to many times and just nor getting around to it.   If I enjoyed the walk, I could stop and have something to eat and drink as a way of giving back to what I had enjoyed for free. So here are some photos of my walk that morning as well as a link to some of the other photos of the different areas.

  I did stop and having a sandwich and bowl of soup at this restaurant, trying to quell the urge to visit the Museum. Maybe another day.

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