Sunday, 30 December 2012

Hosay 2012

The evening was overcast. The tadjahs and moons were returning to St James. As one can see in the background there are several tadjahs coming down a main street. This moon is one of two and is red. Every time Hosay is "celebrated, there are two moons, one Red and one Green/blue.
There are several persons who "dance" the moon during the procession, i.e. balance the center on their head, with the pole hitched to the belt around their middle  and turn around, most times quickly. The weight of the moon is such that a person can move the moon for approximatley 5 ft when they reach the heart of St. James.

The blue or green moon.

Each moon and or Tadjah is preceded by tassa and drums. The tassa are the smaller drums beaten with two sticks. The big drums are carried and played for periods/ distances with persons interchanging the playing. The drummers hands are usually wrapped to protect their wrists as the palms of their hands are striking the drums to produce the sound.
This year there was a beautiful red Tadjah.  Also the processing of the tadjahs, occurred close to the Feast of Christ the King, a Catholic Feast day.  In the Catholic Church, red vestments are used when we are celebrating the feasts of Martyrs. It is also used on other occasions. Also red is used for the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

I enjoyed the different patterns  and shades of red on this tadjah. It was the first year I can recall seeing one in red, as there are predominant colors or shades of colors. The upper pieces are covered in a textured fabric and the gold pulls together the look.

This is another view of the tadjah. I love the ornate layered "entrances as though they are a recreation of an entry way.
This sea green beauty was majestic in color and stature. as you can see the design was different to the preceding red. The top was wider than that of the red, with gold being used to highlight a subtle color. The "entry ways are different to the other designs and there is a clear view to the inside. Almost as though one is honoring a mature mother.

In this tadjah, there are floral arrangements.

 The centre is seen clearly from this angle. Here the "entryways are carved in a smaller detail.

Below a right side view of the tadjah.

The above and to the right photos show yet another design in a more traditional color. Love the "entryways" There is a front and back view of the tadjah as well as views of the sides.
Below a close up, to appreciate the detailed artwork in the design and the decoration.

The color scheme of this tadjah is the opposit of the other purple one. Here the top is which with purpe decorations, and the remainder is pure purple. again the design is different to the rest and the "entryways are seen due to the details.

When you love some of the designs, you just cant show enough of them. See the impatc of the gold and the textures of the red, with the draping of the fabric for fluidity and the use of whites

This tadjah was beautiful!. The color scheme was simple, elegant and youthful. It reminded me of Our Lady. The design was different and light hearted!

Please excuse all of the horizontal and diagonal shots. Have not figured out how to rotate the pic prior to uploading

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