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Port of Spain - Woodbrook, Trinidad and Tobago

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Green Spaces
One of the larger and older green spaces in Woodbrook is Adam Smith Square. [29] This square is located on Ariapita Avenue in close proximity to Murray Street and was one of the parks of the old days. Adam Smith Square is surrounded by buildings which have been restored and maintained, many of which now function as business places.
In the weeks preceding Carnival each year, the look of the square changes as stadium style benches are built up by one of the City Corporations in support of Carnival. On Carnival Monday and Tuesday, this square is one of the judging points for mas Bands which elect to cross the stage at this location.
Outside of Carnival, the Square functions as a time out spot as persons sit on benches while visiting any of the businesses in the neighbourhood. On weekends several young families bring their toddlers and young children to the Square to run, play and get in some exercise and bonding time prior to the start of the next week.
In 2015, Adam Smith Square was one of the outdoor locations for a community cinema.[30]
Here is the link to the article in Wikipedia on Port of Spain - Woodbrook Trinidad and Tobago https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Port_of_Spain

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