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Chaguaramas, Trinidad and Tobago

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3Activity & Places of Interest

Most of the roadway in Chaguaramas lies close to the coast line and one can view the sea from the winding road. According to Google Maps, Chaguaramas is about fourteen kilometres (14 km) from Port of Spain.[1]

Activity & Places of Interest

Dry Forests

The Chaguaramas Peninsula supports one of the few remaining areas of dry forest in western Trinidad.

Cycling and Kayaking

On weekends groups of persons enter Chaguaramas to cycle on or kayak [4] in rented equipment. During the week, the roadway is used as a training ground for persons who cycle [5] in groups either for sport or as a part of a training session for a Tri-athlon.

The Chaguaramas Boardwalk Area

The Chaguaramas Boardwalk was developed by the Chaguaramas Development Authority (CDA)[6] as part of its tourism developmental thrust. The Boardwalk stretches for approximately 1300 feet [7] along the shore of one of the Bays. The Boardwalk can be used as an exercise route for pedestrians or for young families who stroll or as a stepping stone to get to the water to swim for leisure or as part of a training regimen.
Available in close proximity to the Boardwalk are Gazebos and Pedal Boats which are available for rent. There is also the Dancing Water Fountain, the Trees Vendor Plaza and Miniature Off Road Activities according to the CDA's website.[8]

Chaguaramas Golf Course

The Chaguaramas Golf Course is "a 9-hole course" and the only "public" golf course in the twin-island Republic. The Golf Course at Chaguaramas has been in existence for some forty plus (40+) years and is one of the older, if not the oldest golf course in the island.[9]

Pier 1

Pier 1 was designed to host functions for large numbers of persons. The venue was designed to host events in small areas within a larger setting, thus it can serve a large number of persons with different tastes through the use of the smaller areas as niche spots.[10]


Chaguaramas has been the center of yachting activity in Trinidad. There are several marinas [11] within the Chaguaramas area which provide repair services or on-land boarding services for yachts. There is also the option to refuel and stock supplies or just moor the yacht at a pier or in a sheltered bay facility and visit the island.

Heritage Parks, Macqueripe & The Magnificent Edith Falls

According to the CDA, the Gasparee Cave on Gasparee Island,[12] along with the Salt Pond on Chacachacare and the Bellerand Heritage Park fall within the boundaries of Chaguaramas.[13] Although Gasparee has been developed with housing facilities, to a large extent efforts have been made to preserve the birds on the island, through the "upkeep" of the large trees which provide shelter at great heights for them.
"Conveniently located just off the Macqueripe Road, Bellerand Heritage Park is surrounded by various areas offering recreational activities such as golfing, swimming and is a 'stone's throw' away from the Magnificent Edith Falls".[14] Another heritage park which is located within the Macqueripe area in Chaguaramas is Samaan Park.
At Macqueripe, one is allowed to swim in the sea as the area is located in an inlet. However great care should be exercised in entering and exiting the water as due to dredging of the sea bed many years ago, there is a sharp descent of several feet close to the shore. The drop/ or descent can make the area perilous for newly trained swimmers and the extremely short person entering or exiting the water.

Beach Clean Ups

Chaguaramas has been involved in many beach clean up exercises via the " International Coastal CleanUp"[15] and the Trinidad Chapter [16]

Tucker Valley

Tucker Valley is known for several points of interest such as: The Bamboo Cathedral [17] The UPick Farm, The World War Bunker and The Nutmeg Grove [18] among other things.
The Bamboo Cathedral is well known by photographers who capture images of many newly engaged couples strolling in the area. The wide lane of the roadway with the bamboos intertwining overhead creates an image of seclusion and sets the tone for newly engaged wonder!
The UPick Farm "sells a wide range of fruits and vegetables (grown off-site) both local and imported".[19] Also available at the UPick Farm are guided tours and field trips for primary and secondary school children.
Here is the link to the website with the article on Chaguaramas, Trinidad and Tobago :https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chaguaramas,_Trinidad

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