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Icacos, Trinidad and Tobago

Here is my writing in Wikipedia on Icacos, Trinidad and Tobago or Icacos Point, Trinidad and Tobago. 
 Although Icacos is referred to as a Point which suggests a narrow piece of land, parts of the area are also been referred to as a village in Teneil Nurse's blog where Ms Nurse writes on the history of Icacos.[3]
Activity & Places of Interest

Icacos Beach

The Icacos Beach which is photographed in the link, is identified as being after Icacos. While this may be so, given that Icacos is an area which is exposed to the sea on many sides, there may be other beaches worth exploring, however the state of the road may need to be taken into account in planning a visit to the beach in Icacos.[4]


There is at least one book which mentions Icacos, which has been written by J. S. Kenny. The book is titled "The Biological Diversity of Trinidad and Tobago: A Naturalist's Notes" [5]

Primary School

In 2008, a new primary school was opened in Icacos in what was formerly a coconut estate. The new primary school replaced the older wooden structure in which persons such as one of the former Prime Ministers of the country, Mr. George Chambers was educated.[6] Designed as a model school, the structure houses a computer lab, a music room and a library. There is the intent to offer classes to the adults, in addition to the children of the nearby villages.

Icacos Health Centre

A Health Centre was established in Icacos under the South Western Regional Health Facility to serve adults and children.[7]

Constance Estate/Coconut Oil Factory/Steam Boiler/ Barrack Style Accommodation

According to information provided by Angelo Bissessarsingh in a 2009 photo of the coconut oil factory on Constance Estate, "the coconut oil factory was erected in 1907, the chimney was constructed using 20,000 Glasgow bricks which were used in the hold of a ship as ballast".[8] There are photos of the chimney which extends into the sky above the ruins of a nearby building in 2010.[9] Also located on the Constance Estate is an old Steam Boiler, which was still in place in a Sept 2010 photo of Angelo Bissessarsingh. The steam boiler was used on the estate from the 1920's to the 1960's according to Angelo Bissesarsingh in the post accompanying the photo.[10]
There are photos of well preserved Barrack style housing which were built in the 1850's for use by the Indentured laborers on the Constance Estate.[11] In the image is a jalousie style window which may have been at odds with the concept of barrack style housing as this style of window would have been out of character for the style of the building, however it is in keeping with the style of other amenities of the property. In 2010. according to Angelo Bissessarsingh, one of the units of the barrack style house was still in use by a single employee of the estate.
Here is the link to the article on Wikipedia on Icacos, Trinidad and Tobago  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Icacos_Point

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