Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Cedros, Trinidad and Tobago

Here is a copy of my writing in Wikipedia, on Cedros, Trinidad and Tobago, first there is a summary which covers the main areas into which I have entered information and the details follow. One of my reasons for entering the information is primarily to raise the awareness of the positive in places and also to highlight the work on recording the history of Trinidad which is captured in so many sites which may have been initially created to market hikes and other activities.

3Activity & Places of Interest in Cedros

Cedros Composite Secondary School

Cedros Composite School is located in "Bonasse Village, Trinidad" [7]

Oil Fields & Foreign Investment

According to a 2015 article in the Trinidad Express Newspapers[8] there are onshore oil deposits located in Cedros. However it is my opinion (Jennifer Bailey's) that given the current price of oil worldwide (2016), the cost of extraction may involve considerable cash outflows which may not be recovered from the sale of oil in the near future, hence the cash outflows in certain companies may exceed the inflows. Given the strategic importance of the extraction of oil, one may examine the needs of the shareholders in companies and their reserves now and over time.
There are also shallow oil fields which are located in Cedros according to information provided by the Trinidad Express in 2015.[9]

Cedros Public Library

The Cedros Public Library is located in the Cedros Composite School according to the NALIS website. Thus the Public Library falls under the Authority of the National Library Information System even though it is housed in a school compound.[10] As there has been an expansion in the services which the Public Library offers, some of which are: free internet access on computers for an hour per day for a person, access to books online and access to research facilities once a person joins a Library and signs up for the service, there should be an increase in borrowings from the Cedros area with the availability of services in the Library. Also available from most NALIS Public Libraries are DVDs with movies which cater to the needs of children and adults.


Cedros is mentioned in at least one book written by Graeme Stewart Mount titled "Adventures Along Borders: Personal Reminiscences" [11]
Here is the link to the Wikipedia page on Cedros, Trinidad and Tobago:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cedros,_Trinidad_and_Tobago#Oil_Fields_.26_Foreign_Investment

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