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Paramin - Trinidad and Tobago

Here are some of the extracts from an article on Wikipedia on Paramin. Having visited Paramin at least twice, in my adult life, I wanted to share my knowledge of the place and the people and the little that I could share on the area..


Names of Places within Paramin
Within Paramin are lovely French names of places and hills such as La Finette Road [5] Saut D'Eau, Morne Espoire, Morne Roche, Beau Pres, Morne Rene [6]

Catholicism in the Area

The area is predominantly Roman Catholic with many of the residents being practicing Catholics either because of tradition or habit. Within the village of Paramin are a Roman Catholic primary school and a Catholic Church (Our Lady of Guadalupe) that serve the area. The churches within Paramin and Maraval are linked in their record keeping of the Sacraments.


French Creole or Patois mass on Dimanche Gras

(The following line was written by another contributor: The Church still offers a well-known French Creole or Patois mass on Dimanche Gras, the Sunday before Carnival [8] ). Persons from areas outside of Maraval and Paramin, including foreign dignitaries of French origin and French Creole origin such as Louisiana attend the Mass either to experience the culture of the area or to participate in an activity which falls outside of the Carnival setting.
Most of the Mass is said in Creole or Patois. There is a choir which leads the singing of the hymns at the Mass.
Members of the choir and the congregation at the Mass are dressed in colorful plaids, in the style of La Reine Rive, which is a white cotton top and skirt, with an overskirt in plaid, which drapes to the sides of the front of the skirt and leaves the front of the white skirt visible. A head "tie" also in a matching plaid completes the outfit.
In recent times, given the timing of the Patois Mass in the morning lunch and other snacks are available for sale after the Mass. This activity allows the attendants at the Mass to share in the spirit of the Community and enjoy a brief respite before returning to life outside of the community.
In recent times, the Patois mass has been videotaped. Access to the 2016's Patois Mass is available on YouTube.

Caliente Monday Early December

Caliente Monday refers to a Monday evening celebration in Paramin of Parang and food.[9] This event has been held for thirty plus years. The event used to be open to the public or those brave enough to go up to Paramin by jeep earlier in an evening when the sun sets earlier in the day and the air gets cold earlier in the evening, just to hear the Parang Bands from across the country sing either their compositions or renditions of popular songs. At the event, residents of Paramin offer for sale provision and pork or various types of pastelles.
Over the last few years, the event has been held at the Country Club on Long Circular Road in Maraval.


Over the last fifteen to twenty years, persons have hiked to the top of Saut D'Eau (Hill and Waterfall) to experience the ruggedness of the mountain trek.[10]
There are also tours or hikes to the Cave in Paramin. According to Sokah2Soca "it should also be noted that the area is also famous for its bat caves with eye catching limestone formations. It is reported that these caves are some of the most easily accessible caves in the island".[11]

Formation of a Group on Facebook

A group of Paramin residents, both current and past have established a group on Facebook named D'Life of Paramin. To date, the purpose has been to keep persons up dated on the activities of the school children in the Parish of Maraval such as field trips to Paramin, updates on residents, funeral services, the sites and scenes such as the near to harvest views of sorrel plants.
Here is a link to the article in Wikipedia if you are interested in contributing to the knowledge of the area (Paramin Trinidad and Tobago) or to the site: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paramin

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